This week is one BIG step forward in our rebuild progress. Tina and Ian (Tina’s nephew/ Michelle’s cousin/ Guavaberry’s maintenance manager) headed up to North Carolina to visit two companies to check out some prefab houses. They met up with Tina’s brother and sister in law, Ed and Nina who flew down from Toronto. Tina says she needed some extra eyes and ideas, but we all know she just needed the warm clothes they packed!

First stop, Deltec Homes. It was love at first sight. Candles, champagne… not really, but the “warm fuzzies” certainly took hold. The houses were exactly what we hoped for, and the people who work there were a charm! After a tour of some model homes, Tina , Ed and Ian looked at each other. “Scrap the other option” they said, and so they did! Full steam ahead for two days meeting with the Deltec crew and touring the factory. At the end of the trip they came home with exciting news. They purchased THREE houses!

These will replace Hibiscus, Alamanda and Jasmine.

Alamanda after Irma
Not much left to take down!

The layout inside will be much the same as before (because how can you mess with perfection right?!) with a few little tweaks. What can you look forward to inside?

  • Matching master and guest bathrooms. Yup!
  • Interesting architectural features. Yup!
  • No more queen bed. Yup! (Will be putting in twins to form a King)
  • Slightly more space overall. Yup!

But what about the outside you ask? If Hibiscus, Alamanda and Jasmine blew down with Irma what’s to say it won’t happen again?? Well, concrete for one! These houses are prefab houses made out of concrete siding, but made to LOOK like wood. They have a technical structure that I won’t bore you with, BUT they are strong. We are also placing them on a new concrete slab. There is in fact one of these houses in Anegada that stood up to Irma with just some missing shingles. That to us is a good sign!

So what can you look forward to on the outside?

  • Slate grey metal roofing
  • Dovetail gray exterior
  • Tiled patio
  • Covered patio with ceiling fan (… we think)
  • Louvered windows all the way from Hawaii
  • Still the same amazing views as before!
Exterior Color Swatch
Dovetail Gray Exterior
Roof Selection
(Color is a bit off in this picture… think more grey)

Mango, Plum and Lime are still up for discussion. Do we keep the same “pod style” or do we make all of the two bedroom “round”? This decision will depend mainly on space available and design possibilities, but for now having three on order is a BIG step!

That all said… I must now break the bad news to everyone. After much debate and thought process… we just couldn’t figure in an outside shower. I know, I know… but it’s not for lack of trying. Should you really want an outside shower… we can arrange to have the gardeners leave the hose on your deck for you and we just might deliver Pearl for Bath Time!  🙂

Dirty Pearl
She sure does love the mud!

14 thoughts on “PROGRESS!

  1. Excellent news. So happy that you found something that you like and follow the standard for hurricanes.
    Regarding the pods vs round , the only plus is the deck vs balcony or gallery and the access from the master to the deck but… the bathrooms are smaller and without windows. So whatever you choose will be more than fine.
    Your idea on the outdoor shower can be upgraded to a a hose in the style of public beaches to take out the sand… maybe a bit to the back 😲in case of no bathing suit.
    Love this updates and building progress.


  2. The progress sounds great! And Pearl is looking like a wild animal…..but she’s still smiling! I’m sure she’s missing the guests as much as we are missing her. Best Thanksgiving wishes to all of you……SOON COME!!


  3. The progress sounds great! And Pearl is looking like a wild animal…..but she’s still smiling! I’m sure she’s missing the guests as much as we are missing her. Best Thanksgiving wishes to all of you…..SOON COME!!


  4. Wow!! This is very exciting! We were so intrigued by the description of the new cottages that we went to the Deltec website to check them out. They look amazing, and the company looks pretty great too – green building, with lots of experience in hurricane prone areas. Looks like a match made in heaven for Guavaberry! We’re also pretty excited about the possibility of ceiling fans on the decks. Thanks so much for this fascinating post, and for allowing all of us Guavaberrians to come along on the rebuild journey with you. Hugs to all, including muddy Pearl!


  5. Wonderful to hear some positive news! So many good memories of Virgin Gorda – 29 years ago today we were married at Guavaberry, with Tina, Ludwig, and Betty standing up for us. A lovely evening at Biris Creek to follow. Hoping you will be able to let other couples make special memories very soon.


  6. Love hearing your good news! I’m sure the new digs will be great … but your spirit, and the dogs, really make it wonderful.


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