Women of Many Talents!

Many of you are familiar with the spectacular work our ladies do cleaning the houses. They really are meticulous! They pride themselves in making sure everything in the houses is in the right spot, have a beautiful touch arranging the daily flowers on the tables, and keep everything glistening. We would be lost without them!

So what happens when we have no houses left to clean? No guests arriving for them to look after? Well, these ladies will do whatever needs to be done! You think they are amazing with a broom? Who knew how many hidden talents they have!


After Irma many properties were forced to lay off their cleaning staff since there were no guests coming in. We are sure our staff wondered what would happen to them as well. But deep down in our hearts we couldn’t see how we could do that to these wonderful ladies who have dedicated themselves to Guavaberry for so many years… Some for over 30!

As each made their way back to work after the storm they were shocked to see the state of the property, but each one said “how can we help”. Now THAT is the team spirit Guavaberry is made of. They were quickly instructed that this is no longer resort work, but it is indeed work and for that they were thankful.

They have proven yet again how valuable they are! The first task they tackled was setting up a makeshift laundry at the back of the office. We managed to hook up two washers to make their day slightly easier, but it was “back to roots” scrubbing hard stained linens in buckets and hanging all the wash on lines to dry. Now with 30+ houses that we have and look after…. That’s a lot of linens! They rigged up drying lines all over the place. It was a true sight to see!

Once the washing was under control it was time to move some to grounds. Off they went with their rakes and bags collecting all the debris. Their attention to detail is apparent in all of the work they do. The property is now just as spick and span as they would have the houses!



A true hidden gem is Verdan who is usually working away in the laundry. However, her true passion is gardens. She is a whiz with a chainsaw, weed whacker, machete, and even has been introduced to the ride-on mower! A true powerhouse of a woman. As she cuts everything back, the other ladies tidy up behind her. She has even started to replant some bushes that got knocked down. Verdan is also the face behind the fruit and vegetable garden in front of Jasmine house. This lady can grow anything! We have even received some post-Irma cucumbers already! (More on Verdan another time).


The newest project that these ladies have been assigned…. Painting! Their attention to detail goes hand in hand with painting. They are set up with their rollers, brushes, pans and tape and they are off to the races! Each house needs fresh paint inside and they are up for the challenge.

We are so thankful for the help and support these lovely ladies have been to us over the years and especially over the past three months. We are so much further ahead than we would have ever been without them!

6 thoughts on “Women of Many Talents!

  1. An update from GuavaBelieveIt is just the thing I needed on this cold and rainy Friday. Keep up the great work Team Guavaberry!


  2. Wow! Things are looking great!! It just goes to show what can be accomplished when everyone pulls together and jobs are redefined instead of eliminated. Huge kudos, all the way around. We’re looking forward to hearing more about Verdan! We stayed in Ixora last May, and were clued in by Tina and Michelle to the location of Verdan’s garden nearby, so of course we went to check it out. We’re hoping some of those wonderful pineapples that were popping out of the ground survived! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this blog. It’s always so exciting to see the notification of a new entry, and to read the latest Guavaberry news. I had a dream that I was there last night, so clearly Guavaberry and all of you are still very much in my thoughts! ❤️ to you all!!


  3. A company is known by its management….from the top down.
    I praise you on your loyalty and dedication to your staff…and in turn their’s to you. A rare and special trait.


  4. You have once again filled my heart with gladness and praise for the strong ladies working with Guavaberry and the strong management team who kept these ladies employed. I knew the first time we visited in 1979 that I would never get enough of the special kindnesses and wonder that you all provide.


  5. The dedication of everyone is a testament to the generous and positive management! You all could teach businesses how to be successful. Wish I could actually send hugs. Best always, and until we can return.


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