Merry Christmas to All!

As Christmas approaches we reflect on past Christmases at Guavaberry.

Every year we would deliver a small gift and our “Christmas hours” note to each house. A few years ago (ok… maybe more than a few) Christine and Michelle would deliver these on their bicycles, at least until they learned to drive! Last year Michelle added a little helper named Branson (one of the housekeeper’s sons) to her delivery rounds. Since we have no guests in house for Christmas 2017, we had to do something different. Can you guess what that may be? It’s something CRAZY!  We are all getting a few days off! This is the first time in history that each of the staff will be able to be home with their families for Christmas. It really is bittersweet, but we are certain many happy memories will be made.

This year it will only be Tina, Michelle, and her husband, Sherwin, around for Christmas. Ian and Valerie both wanted a taste of Canadian winter complete with scarves, mittens and copious warm beverages! Christine and her husband, David, have jetted off to the UK and France for their much overdue holiday. They were actually supposed to leave the day before Irma hit… needless to say that didn’t happen! Everyone hopes to be back for the arrival of the “Guavababy” so fingers crossed they all make it in time!

Since it will be a quiet Christmas, we aren’t putting up our usual tree and Christmas lights. Some might say we are being scrooge-ish but c’est la vie! Besides, Christmas really isn’t about the presents, tree or decorations. It is a time to reflect and be thankful for what we do have.

We are so very thankful to have the support of all of our guests near and far. Over the past few months we have received an outpouring of kind words and donations. The donations will help us rebuild, but the words of encouragement keep us going in spirit!

Our office will be closed from December 24 until the morning of December 27, even if we have to hide Tina’s computer and change her iPad login so she cannot check the e-mails! We are determined to make her take a few days of much needed, well deserved R&R.

We send everyone warm season’s greetings. We will miss our usual “Christmas crowd” but know you will all have a toast to Guavaberry wherever you spend your holidays, and we will raise a glass to you!


11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to All!

  1. Merry Christmas to all of you. It’s been quite a year for Guavaberry and Virgin Gorda. I hope 2018 will prove to make memories of your strength in overcoming nature’s obstacles. I look forward to checking in and seeing you at my next visit.


  2. What a nice letter!! You all deserve time off to rest your body and souls and reflect on the past!! Merry Christmas to all!!! We will await word on the birth of the baby!
    Mark and Peg


  3. Our love and best wishes to all of you, and yes you deserved this vacation there or wherever you go. Different but precious, especially for you Michelle.
    Comfort and joy
    Olga & Manuel Ortiz


  4. Christmas is a time to experience God’s love for us, and it is also a time to feel the love of family and friends. Your Guavaberry friend – family have and will continue to surround all of you with their love. All of us are blessed to be a part of your GSB family. Peace, joy, and love!


  5. Merry Xmas to all. Michelle congrats. Maybe someday I will get to comeback. I will never loose site of the wonderful years your GVS gave to our family. I still keep the Virgin Gorda book out on our coffee table. Just looked at it the other day. Wow, the memories keep flooding back on every post you send. I think 18years, andrew is now 20. Every name you mention, allamander, Lily, Tulip, Jasmine, the memories flood back of what happened,at each house, so many memories. Len will never come back as he is not well, but maybe someday I will.

    Sent from my iPad Pat Dimare



  6. We’re so glad you’ll all have this Christmas off to spend with family. Marisel and I send the entire Guavaberry staff, including Pearl, Roxy, and Moki, warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a 2018 filled with all good things. We await the arrival of the Guavababy with much happy excitement. Peace, light, and so much love to you all. ❤️


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