Happy New Year – almost!

As we start counting down to the new year here are the latest updates:

We have ordered 4 “round” two bedroom Deltec houses. These will replace Hibiscus, Alamanda, Jasmine and Mango. Yes, Mango is going ROUND! It will be a change, but we are excited for it. Designs for Plum and Lime are still up in the air, but we figured best to get at least a few houses on order. The new homes should arrive by April so the next few months will be focused on tearing down what is left of those four houses and building new concrete foundations to replace the old wooden ones. We are hopeful to have these four complete and ready to go for Christmas 2018. We can’t accept bookings for them until we are CERTAIN they will be ready… but we can hope. Watch this space!


We have also ordered Cashew’s replacement and are happy to report that its design will be almost identical to what it was… a “double pod” one bedroom…. only with a much nicer, updated bathroom.

In addition to all of that (if we weren’t busy enough) we are currently designing our three bedroom house, Flamboyant. It was one of the original Guavaberry houses built in the 60’s. Back then it was sold to the Queern family and Guavaberry repurchased it over 10 years ago. It was remodeled to what it was pre-Irma, but of course our “little friend” decided it was time for a redo! After much thought…. fix ‘er up or tear ‘er down… we’ve decided best to tear ‘er down! So we are going totally fresh with that one. Design scheme to be shared later… but it will be different. Don’t worry though, it will be awesome! Going through the layout we are taking into much consideration the Flamboyant “regulars” and making sure the layout will work for everyone, including our youngest Flamboyant regular…. 1 year old baby Sam 🙂

three bedroom exterior

Work has begun also on Frangipani and Cedar, at least on the roofs. Next will be interiors as those need to be fully redone. At least we know exactly what we need to do inside since all of the one bedrooms were recently remodeled. Its now just a matter of sourcing materials for those.

Banyan is just about “ready to go”. Our lovely ladies did a beautiful job painting the inside! Needs a little paint on the outside (we draw the line at putting our ladies up on scaffolding!) and then we just need to wait for electricity to be restored to our property before opening that one up. So stay tuned!

Electricity has been restored to Whale Bay, so Casita is 100% operational! Space is available in January and February if anyone is interested!


Now, you might wonder if electricity has made it’s way PAST Guavaberry, why don’t we have it yet? Well, we need something called a three phase transformer which requires a bit more work than other locations so we just have to be patient.

Patience is definitely something we have gained more and more each day lately. Now don’t get us wrong… living on Virgin Gorda takes patience on the best of days so we already had plenty of it… but post Irma, patience has become essential! Just when you think you are making great strides forward in the planning and fixing, you find that the materials you need aren’t available, or having all these extra holidays sure does delay work! One day at a time… that’s all we can do.

Guavababy has yet to make his/her debut… but again that’s where patience comes back into play right? They say there is just over a week to go, but stubbornness runs in the Goschler family, so we will see! Given the timeline, please excuse us if there isn’t a blog post either next week or the week after.


So, to summarize… here are our “New Years Resolutions”:

  • build 4 two bedroom houses
  • get power to Banyan… perhaps by mid winter??
  • complete some one bedroom houses ready for rental! (perhaps by spring?)
  • rebuild Cashew!
  • design and order Flamboyant
  • stay patient… one day at a time!


(Here’s the latest tree picture for everyone!)


8 thoughts on “Happy New Year – almost!

  1. This is all wonderful news!
    Hibiscus was the first house we stayed at in 1979!
    We’ll be thinking of all of you as you await the new Guavababy.
    Happy New Year!


  2. So wonderful to hear all this exciting news! We will absolutely love the new Guavaberry as much as we love the old. And the tree seems to be growing strong and green; looks like it’s going to survive for sure. I’ll never take that wonderful tree’s shade for granted again. Happy New Year to you all, and we can’t wait to read news of Guavababy’s arrival!


  3. Dear Tina, Michelle, Loved reading your post. You have been doing a lot of planning ! It’s hard enough to furnish a guest house, let alone build totally new ones. Kuddo’s ! Hope to see everyone sometime in January ! Hugs, Lorraine


  4. Hope you all had a peaceful Christmas. It’s great to read about the plans for the ” new” Guavaberry We wish all of you a happy and prosperous New Year. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Guavababy !


  5. Happy New Year to everyone. We miss you all — but plan to try and have a traditional Guavaberry New Years Eve with the not so secret Goombay experience … So, in order to have a “Chill” New Years Eve — 😉 … start with a large, right sized, container, preferably with a faucet for serving …. fill 1/4 with water the day before (BVI tap water is the best) … freeze …. then, pour in spiced rum (we are confident that the Cruzan supply weathered the storm), pour in half that amount of coconut rum (or less, to taste) … fill with orange-pineapple juice … amounts? Answer — yes, the amount needed — usually two bottles dark rum, one bottle of coconut rum (often less) — secret ingredient … half bottle of chardonnay (only the best of course), and, if Bucks has Apricot Liqueur, add about the right amount 🙂 — data from several years of study — Sam’s grandpa partakes of more Goombay with the Apricot hidden in the mix than not; the rest of us Chill either way 😀 … top off with the orange pineapple juice to fill the container. This is the secret Captain Ron recipe only available all over the internet — so, keep it a secret … Happy New Year and NEXT YEAR AT GUAVABERRY !!


  6. We have a lot of happy memories from our family vacations in the two bedroom units, going back to 2004. Thanks for the updates, and Happy New Year!


  7. Awesome news! It sounds as though GSB recovery efforts are definitely ahead of what would have been thought possible in the days after the storm. Wishing you only the best in 2018!

    And now we all anxiously await the Guavababy…..


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