Restaurant Updates

As we start off the New Year we thought we’d update everyone on the progress around Virgin Gorda, mainly the restaurants!

Virgin Gorda has always had a lovely selection of restaurants to choose from, and Post Irma this is still the case! Okay, so maybe not as many as you may be used to, but the choices we still have are great!

Bath & Turtle was one of the first restaurants to reopen. As many of you already know they relocated the Bath & Turtle in April 2017 from the Marina over to the courtyard at Chez Bamboo. Irma did a number on them in September, but within a few weeks they were serving food from their kitchens. They helped feed many of the volunteers who came in the early recovery days. Now, they are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even have entertainment some nights!

Fishers Cove is also open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their property suffered major damage unfortunately, and they lost all of their hotel rooms. Their lovely patio area also collapsed and their lounge was destroyed too. That didn’t stop them though! Also within a few weeks after Irma they managed to open their kitchen and start serving food! Sure, it was a few lights strung up and the “soothing” hum of the generator… but the food was (and still is) fantastic. I highly recommend the ribs! The Flax family is another example of how to band together in the tough times and keep going.

Coco Maya was lucky enough to be one of the few places with “not as bad” damage, at least structurally. Their beach did suffer some erosion but thankfully the building is still as beautiful as before. They are serving a reduced menu but still have many of the favorites from before… mmmm Shrimp Lettuce Wraps… and a few new favorites – try the Asian burger on your next trip! They also have a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights, so it is a great place to unwind after a long week.

Leverick Bay… yup they’re open too! Driving through North Sound is still shocking as much of the damage from Irma is still very visible. Leverick Bay too is still damaged but that hasn’t stopped them from at least getting the downstairs restaurant, The Cove, open. In fact… this is where Michelle, her husband Sherwin, and Tina had Christmas dinner. Sweet potato soup, Prime Rib, and Creme Brulee! It was lovely to have some fine dining for a Christmas treat. They have also welcomed back the Micheal Bean pirate show Monday – Wednesdays, and their Friday night beach BBQ and Moko Jumbies start this week!

Top of the Baths has also recently reopened for breakfast and lunch. Tina, Michelle and Sherwin enjoyed Christmas breakfast there! (yes… meals were a priority for Christmas) The view is still out of this world…. even Irma couldn’t take that away.

Many of the smaller local restaurants are also back in full swing. Sausez (opposite from the marina) is serving lunch daily, and BBQ on Friday nights. Sugar Apple is a great hidden gem to get some local food at lunch time during the week… and if she has cookies, you must try them. You won’t regret it. Dixies still has their famous fried chicken as well as a selection of local food at lunch time… and even local juices I’ve recently found out. Food Palace serves up Jamaican favorites, Pizzaro is dishing out some of the best burgers from his food truck, and even Green House is back and serving Spanish food… highly recommend the tostones (fried green plantain). I’m sure I’ve missed a few others in there….. so please forgive me!

As for those restaurants that we are sadly living without still:

Rock Cafe still has work to do before they can reopen. I haven’t heard of a timeline for them to complete the renovations yet.

Mad Dogs was completely flattened… except for the bathrooms :)! Edith is still around and waiting to see what to do next. Whatever she decides we will follow her for BLT’s and Pina Coladas for sure!

Island Pot seems to be rebuilding something. The only part of the restaurant that survived was the actual BBQ pit! They started out with a simple building and a BBQ pit anyway… so back to basics and I think they will be open soon… or at least I hope! Need some Island Pot johnny cakes back in my life.

Chez Bamboo I think is just closed because there aren’t many tourists around for fine dining. Totally understandable. This gives Rose and her crew the time to focus on Bath & Turtle anyway.

Also missing from the roster… Bitter End, Saba Rock, Fat Virgin, Hog Heaven, Little Dix and Sugar Cane. I honestly have no idea what their status is for reopening. The only one I know anything about is Hog Heaven. They were also completely destroyed but are rebuilding… with concrete. The others will be back one day I’m sure…. but as to when we will just have to wait and see.

I hope I’ve made you all as hungry as I am! Off to the commissary for a treat!

(*Dove Bars temporarily out of stock*)

8 thoughts on “Restaurant Updates

  1. As I read this, I could clearly see the view from Top of the Baths. Thanks.. a most welcome vision on a -22 C morning in Toronto!
    Happy New Year !!


  2. Shivering through teens(!) here in Atlanta, I’d settle for a PB&J on the beach, but thanks for the update. So happy to hear that some sense of “normalcy” is slowly returning. Miss you all, and await news of the arrival of the Guavababy..


  3. Really appreciate your updates. Yes, it is sad to hear about the damage to many of our fav Virgin Gorda locations, but it really helps to hear about the recovery effort and folks not giving up. The people of Virgin Gorda are so special and important to us. We look forward to our next trip there and miss all of you so very much. Please keep the updates and photos coming. Thanks, Al n Jerry


  4. Thanks for the update! It was lovely to take a mental tour of all these wonderful restaurants and remember happy, so much warmer days!! We are so looking forward to returning…


  5. Tina and all,
    It is so great to read your updates and allow my heart to wander back to Guavaberry. I have consumed many calories in most of the places you mentioned and intend to again as soon as normalcy returns. Love to you all from Las Vegas.


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