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Moki Hawkins

Hello everyone, and greetings from under Granny’s… um… Tina’s desk! Everyone is busy this week since the arrival of the “Guavababy” so it’s up to me, Moki, to let you know what’s new. (Not many people know I can type, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t let it slip to the general public. I don’t have time in my busy nap schedule to become a circus act!)

Firstly, welcome to the world Connor Alexander Lennard! He’s a lovely little pup, with lots of hair, and very wise eyes.  They even tell me he has a tail, but I can’t see it.  He smells very interesting, and his bark is nothing like mine was when I was little.  He’s going to make a great addition to the office, and I’m very much looking forward to when he’s old enough to drop food on the floor. Michelle is recovering well, and is already a pro at the whole “mum” thing.

Connor Alexander Lennard

I was lucky enough to spend the Christmas holidays at Guavaberry, as my parents were away in Europe for a few weeks. They brought me back a snazzy new collar – it’s pink with silver bones on it, and makes me feel very fancy! I’m turning 63 in dog years in 2018, so I need to start looking distinguished. Granny spoiled me rotten, with treats, walks, and visits to the beach every day.  My aunts Pearl and Roxy were very accommodating too, letting me sleep where I wanted, and also letting me join in when barking at the dogs across the fence.

Even though I’ve been working at Guavaberry part time for the better part of four years, I still make sure all guests and staff are greeted when they come in the door.  I’m far too important to leave the comfort of my office under the desk, but a few loud barks let visitors know I’m still around. Most don’t answer back, so I keep muttering at them just to be sure I’ve been heard. If I’m really lucky, one of my aunties will come in the door and we all get treats – how cool is that?

Mmm Peanut Butter

Speaking of Pearl and Roxy, they want to let everyone know they’re doing well.  Pearl’s eyes aren’t quite as they used to be and she walks into walls and rocks sometimes and we try not to laugh out loud so we don’t hurt her feelings.  Aside from that little issue, she’s still the same old dog who loves nothing more than going for a swim then dying her fur dark with mud.  We all know brown dogs have more fun!  Roxy still hasn’t grown into her tongue, and we don’t think she ever will.  She and I have great fun racing down the beach and getting all sandy.  Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves and have to go shopping for new perfume – Eau de Poulet is the “in” thing this season, and so accessible! Roxy catches the chicken and lets it ferment for a few days, then we just dab a little behind our ears.  When we get home, Granny treats us to a shampoo, massage, and towel dry. Perfection in every sense. I might suggest this as a new service when Guavaberry reopens. I think it would be very popular.

Now that the holidays are over, we are getting back into the swing of things.  Ian and Valerie went away to Canada for the holidays and have now returned to work – you should see their pale legs! Ian kept up his fitness routine shoveling snow multiple times a day, and Valerie took some of the “Irma Experience” back with her:  Blackouts in British Columbia!  I’m very happy to have them both back.  Ian is my carpool buddy, and Valerie has the BEST treats.

Treat Time

There is so much to do ahead of welcoming guests back, and it still seems very daunting.  Not too many holes to dig… yet… or Roxy, Pearl and I would be helping too.  For now, we will cheer everyone on, offer up our bellies for rubs from time to time, and keep granny Tina on her walkies schedule! It is our main priority to make sure she keeps her routine in the chaos! In our spare time too we happily clean up any bones left over from the construction teams’ lunches- we are very keen to keep the workplace tidy. It has to be pristine when we welcome you all back!

Secretary in training

11 thoughts on “Blog take over!

  1. What a wonderfully written blog. Some one needs to consider writing children’s books featuring the three furry friends of Guavabeery, after all the other work is done of course. Keep this blog going it is great comfort to hear from our friends and we all look forward to returning as soon as possible.


  2. Mission accomplished! We are smiling! This previously undisclosed hidden canine talent is mind boggling!! But Baby Connor is most amazing! So happy for all of you!


  3. Thanks for the great update Moki, look forward to seeing you and the whole GBSB family on our next visit. So excited about Connor, and that Michelle is doing great. Love, Al n Jerry


  4. Valerie, Do you think we can get Michelle To bring Conner to the office one Day while were there? Hugs, Lorraine

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  5. Wow! Absolutely love this. I’m so happy everyone is well. I look forward to meeting Michelle’s little boy. I miss the dogs and can’t wait to come back.
    Cari (neilan) Fredette


  6. Dear Moki,

    You are certainly a dog of many talents! And rest assured – the secret of your talents and abilities is safe with us. Imagine the nap interference if Ellen were to ever get wind of this, or Oprah (even though she doesn’t have her own show anymore, she can still get the word about something like this out in a flash)! So, yes–mum’s the word.

    And, speaking of mum, we’re so happy to hear that Michelle is adjusting well to her role as the new pup Connor’s mum. He is, as you say, very lovely, and we’re really looking forward to meeting him when Guavaberry’s ready to welcome us all back. Dogs and babies make any work environment better, we think. The more, the merrier!

    Thanks so much for getting us up to speed on all the current goings-on at Guavaberry. We’re glad to know that you, Roxy, and Pearl are doing well. We miss you, and think of you often. And we’re definitely curious to see if your idea for that new guest service is implemented. We’re not entirely sure about the Eau-de-Poulet aspect, but the rest of it does, we admit, sound quite nice and relaxing. We’re sure Valerie and Ian are as happy to be home as you are to have them back. Perhaps by now they’ve gotten a little bit of color on those white legs! And be sure to keep Tina on her routine, especially the walkie part; walkies are excellent for both the heart and soul. Especially if you’re lucky enough to be taking those walkies along Spring Bay beach!

    We hope you get another chance to do a blog takeover. You are an excellent writer! We hope to see you in 2019 (or, if we get really lucky, maybe a little earlier), wearing that snazzy pink collar!

    Gail and Marisel

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