Let there be Light!

Let there be light! After four long months of early morning generator runs, Tina is finally able to sleep in.  Not that she will, of course. Her body clock is set to get up at six o’clock every day, regardless of what is going on around her.  This isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but it does mean she also goes to sleep at an equally early hour. It was a push for her to be up until 9 pm to keep the lights on. Not good for someone like Valerie, more of a night owl who likes to stay awake binge-watching her favorite shows on DVD.

But that is all now a thing of the past! Both of these fabulously resilient women can now get back to their old routines. (Look out Netflix, they’re coming for you!) Yes, there will be subsequent outages as the BVI Electricity Corporation finishes connecting those others who are still in the dark, but heck, we can handle it.

Banyan almost ready... still needs paint outside
The best thing about having electricity? We have been able to take bookings! Banyan is almost ready to welcome its first guests in mid-February. We are also working hard to add a couple additional houses to the list, so please forgive any construction noise in the daytime.  These are all still one bedroom homes, and we are being careful to clearly communicate with guests what they can expect:

At Guavaberry
* daily maid service from our ladies, who are still smiling as always
* complimentary beach chairs (without the shed for now)
* internet at the office (not award-winning speed, but it works!)
* commissary with most of your favorites … dove bars temporarily out of stock
* stunning views … Irma helped clear some foliage for that!
* Tina and Valerie in the office, with possible glimpses of Michelle and Connor
* Pearl, Roxy and Moki

Work being done on Frangipani

On Virgin Gorda
* open restaurants – CocoMaya, Bath and Turtle, Top of the Baths, Olde Yard Cafe, Leverick Bay, Fishers Cove, Sausez, Mimi’s Kitchen, and Hog Heaven soon
* the same friendly faces you’ve gotten to know
* supermarkets – all of them are open with regular stock coming in
* beaches. Oh, the beaches! Still beautiful, and you’ll likely get them to yourself
* the Copper Mine. They sure did know how to build ‘em back then!

That said, those of you who have been before will certainly take notice of what isn’t around any longer. It isn’t easy, even for those of us who see it (or don’t see it as the case may be) every day, but please don’t dwell on the negatives. Guavaberry, Virgin Gorda, and the whole of the BVI is experiencing positives every day, and to witness how the “little things” really do make a difference is very humbling. I personally am still entranced by the wonder of the light switch, and admittedly still reach for my flashlight in the middle of the night.

We hope you, like us, are able to see the beauty our paradise still possesses, and hope you get to experience some “positives” while you’re here with us.

8 thoughts on “Let there be Light!

  1. Mely and I are so sad that we won’t be with all of you this year. We are planning to make up for it next year. We know the people and the island will be as beautifull as always.


  2. Great to hear the electric is back and everything is improving. One important question is When will the Guavaberry bar and Restaurant be built? 😎


  3. This is great news! We were supposed to be there this past week. We ended up in Antigua instead but constantly were comparing it to VG. Our conclusion – NOTHING can compare to Guavaberry and the beauty of VG. Can’t wait to return.


  4. Such wonderful news!! I’m sure the time without it seemed to drag on forever, but it’s pretty amazing that it was back up in just four months. VG rocks!! As for the Copper Mine…wow. I’m speechless looking at the picture of it still standing on its totally exposed bluff by the sea. I agree; they sure knew how to make ‘em back in the day!


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