Quick Updates

Good day friends! Moki let me borrow her iPad for a couple of days so I thought I would take the chance to give you a progress update. (She’s not the only one with skills you know!)

First up, there are SO many people working on property right now. I would love to go and visit them all in the day but Mommy Tina doesn’t want me to bark so I get updates from Cousin Ian when he comes by the office. From what I hear it is a hive of activity out there!

One crew is working on putting up the new workshop, and it is massive! Cousin Ian is excited to have space to put all his fun power tools. They did have to take down some of my lizard hunting bushes in order to get the machinery in but I will find where those slippery guys went. Lizard chasing is how I get my great physique you know! Mommy Tina might think my daily walks do that, but I prefer HIIT lizard training 🙂

Right… little off track there sorry about that. I can get distracted easily 🙂

Moving along… another crew is working on Oleander’s roof. The lovely ladies from the housekeeping team got to do demo on the inside prior to the men starting in the roof. From what I hear the ladies enjoyed getting to rip the plaster from the walls!

Working our way across the road now. Remember to look both ways! A third crew is about to start the roof on Bougainvillea. They have already started the roof and exterior painting on Frangipani and Cedar and even have gotten as far as shingles on Guavaberry house. We are all (two and four legged team members) really excited about the new shingles and color pallet!

A FOURTH crew (goodness, I am running out of claws!) is also repairing the roof on Lily and Ixora. Those two houses I don’t believe need more than a fresh coat of paint after that, but don’t quote me … not 100% sure honestly. Kinda hard to keep up you know! Too many lizards and chickens to lead me astray on my way to those houses.

Up the hill some more Banyan is getting some finishing touches, getting ready for the first official guests to arrive. Mommy Tina did have a couple of electricians stay there last week while they were repairing our solar panels… she’s a smart one though (but we already knew that) because they were able to tell her which electrics at Banyan weren’t working! Vincent to the rescue and it is all in working order.

Tulip is also being worked on… by yet ANOTHER crew! Some of you might remember that Verdan and her family were living there after the storm but we are happy to report that they put their house in the settlement back up and have moved back there. I sure do miss having their two kids come to visit me (well I actually visited them at Tulip too).

Phew… are you tired yet? I sure am! So much to keep up with… but a few more bits I jotted down this week.

With all these construction men around many of the ladies have been temporarily relocated off property and are assisting with the roof replacement on Michelle’s house. Irma decided it was time for a new one you know. So the ladies have set up a bit of an assembly line where they are painting the beam, rafters and ply before the construction crew (yup another one!) installs the pieces. I hear it is like big jigsaw puzzle putting it all together.

Speaking of Michelle, she has been to visit a few times with my little nephew Connor. He came in the other day and boy was he loud! Even got me up from my nap! I thought I had a good bark but he takes the cake…. though I do prefer cookies anyway so he can have it! I tried to keep him entertained but he has an attention span shorter than those lizards… but I am told that will change.

Wow I said that would be a quick update, but I guess with so much going on quick was wishful thinking! Oh well! Now it is time for my nap but I will keep my ears out for more updates! They think I am asleep all day but really I am just resting my eyes since I just need to use my ears to keep up! ‘Til next time folks!


9 thoughts on “Quick Updates

  1. Roxy…. that was a brilliant update (but we all knew you were the brains behind the outfit!). Keep em coming… they sure cheer up these cold, gray winter days!
    Love, Bob & Christine Sheridan

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for this excellent update, Roxy! And thanks, too, to Moki for sharing her I-pad with you. That was very generous. It must be so exciting to see all that’s going on; it’s definitely exciting for us to hear about! I’m sorry about the demolition of your lizard-hunting bushes, but there are lots more lizards out there; I’m sure of it. You’ll find them. The pictures are awesome; so much progress!!! Your friends all look forward to coming back to visit. And just for the record, I always knew you were just resting your eyes 😉 Keep up the good work!


  3. i love the encouraging reports, Roxy. Wow! You are baby sitting too! What a cute little baby! Tell grandma congratulations from Judy (nan’s old pal) in cold Alaska who wishes she could have come to help.


  4. The flexibility and whole hearted unity of your staff is so heartwarming! So glad you’ve been able to get the help and supplies you need!
    Excellent ruff-porting Roxy!
    Tim and Lisa Geare


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