Surf’s Up!

Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, gentle breeze coming from… the west?! Well this is a little different! Where did our easterly winds go?

As we sit on the patio enjoying these new winds, we ponder these new sounds … rumble, crash, boom! How odd to hear the ocean all the way up the hill.

Gazing out to sea at what is usually a tranquil sight, this week Mother Nature decided to change her tune. Angry northern swells are rolling in! The westerly winds add white caps to the mix, and push ocean spray onto shore.

Standing at the overlook by Savannah Bay we could see the salty mist making its way all the way up Gorda Peak. The color of the water in the Sir Francis Drake Channel has been mesmerizing too – a bright turquoise blue the whole way across due to all of the sediment being churned up.

Every year we are used to seeing swell come ashore. As winter storms come off the east coast of the USA the system pushes swell down to us! Usually we like to frolic and play in the swell (and by that we mean get tossed around and very exfoliated) but not this time! Tina taught Christine and Michelle how to swim in the large waves when they were little, and a ground sea is usually the only thing that will bring Tina into the water, but there was not a chance any of us were going in with these monsters. These are reportedly the largest swells to come ashore in twenty years.

Thanks to weather reports we did have plenty of warning theses were coming, but even our imaginations couldn’t not fathom what a show it would be. 20+ feet! All ferries were cancelled from Sunday afternoon due up waves coming over the ferry dock, all the way up to the customs building. At Spring Bay they came up past the trees and even into the parking lot. Sure did help clean up the burning pile we had going! Over at the crawl, where it is usually protected, the waves were coming all the way around the corner!

Now that the waves are subsiding (probably down to 10 feet or so) we can really see the aftermath. Who knew there were so many rocks under all that pretty white sand! Yes, there is far less sand on the beach than before, but we are sure Mother Nature knows what she is up to. All we can ask her though “are you done yet?!”… please and thank you. We have had quite enough of the freak weather for the year.

7 thoughts on “Surf’s Up!

  1. How did the beach house fair???

    Palm trees gone???

    Any progress on the house.??

    Appreciate GuavaBelievelt!!!



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  2. Wow, incredible surf pics. The news here stays focused on storm damage to the East Coast so we hear nothing about the storms impacting the BVIs. Looks like another one is on the way too. Thanks for such a great job on the blog, love hearing ur updates.
    Al n Jerry


  3. We really appreciate all the news from Guavberry/VG. and look forward so much to the next blog. The pictures were wonderful, however rather dramatic……hope your beautiful glorious beach gets her strength back a.s.a.p. As always.. Love to all 2 and 4 legged friends.


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