From the ground up!

It’s only fitting that since we are rebuilding nine houses from the ground up, that we also “rebuild” our gardens. We have been discussing where to source fruit trees lately, and lo and behold along comes the BVI Tourist Board with an early Easter surprise!



Not quite Easter eggs, but these 35 little presents are better than chocolate. They hand delivered 35 dwarf coconut palms to us, and we are thrilled to be the first recipients of these tiny treasures. The Tourist Board has been going around to different businesses this week sharing the love as part of an initiative to help local hospitality businesses get back on their feet.

Verdan’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw them! We are sure that she is already mapping out where she is going to plant them around the property. We certainly vote for at least one in the “roundabout” in front of Mango and Plum. I am sure you’ll all agree that the cover photo for our brochure with Mango House and the palm tree is somewhat iconic.  The roundabout will be restored to its former rustic glory now, seeing as the last palm tree there fell victim to a nasty (palm specific) disease a few years ago.

In the days after Irma, as all the residents were walking around assessing all the damage, it was often the freshness of coconut water that soothed our souls, and nourished our bodies. There were so many downed coconut trees, any replanting we can do will certainly benefit future generations.

Tina and Michelle met Verdan and her kids on the side of the road one afternoon with a heap of coconuts, and Verdan quickly popped two of them open. The coconut water was wonderfully sweet, and we all know how hydrating it is too so it was a welcomed treat. The nut was also what we call a jelly nut, which is a young coconut where the meat inside hasn’t hardened up yet. Just cut a piece of coconut husk off and use it like a spoon! Totally biodegradable too! Food and hydration in one… can’t beat it! Jelly nuts are a long standing family favorite around here.



And just so you know, ALL parts of the coconut are useful… including the husk. After the storm, there was some success in using the old husks to fill potholes in the roads. Pearl and Roxy also LOVE to rip them to shreds! Chew toy and teeth cleaning in one! So we definitely vote coconut trees as one of the best gifts ever!

5 thoughts on “From the ground up!

  1. What an inspiring story. Tina looks so happy and beautiful! With Easter almost upon us, what a wonderful gift of renewal and rebirth those trees are. We look forward to watching them grow over the years to come.


  2. Keep the stories coming! Note to self: do some research Before planting dwarf coconut 🌴 palms in front of your view. Years After planting one and I asked Lydia why it grew so tall, she said Dwarf palms get big too. Who knew?

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  3. Great that you are enjoying coconut water and meat ( I like it tender, new). I always thought you should have it available for guests. It’s so refreshing. Here they sell it by cup, gallons or half gallons. And the husk spoons are excellent. When I have from the coconut I always ask the to cut it to ear the meat.
    Such a nice gift all the palm trees. New beginnings, gradation.


  4. My Guavaberry family…I’ve read & re-read each post but have not commented as I’ve been soaking in each word with thanks to God for all of you🙏🏼. These posts have been our heart string to you from Greensboro, NC along with our continuous prayers for all in VG but especially for our Guavaberry Family…know in our hearts how much we love you & so proud of your hard work rebuilding our little Paradise knowing we will not only enjoy the beauty of the Island BUT the beauty of the people when we see you again❤️🙏❤️. Much love, Cyd Forbis 😘


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