Where’s the Time Going?

Another week has gone by already. Holy moly where’d that time go? Things are still ticking along here.

Today Bougainvillea is officially back open and welcoming back its first guests. Princess Quarters did a fabulous job getting it back into tip top shape. There wasn’t too much water damage, so most of the work was focused on the outside … more so on the top actually. It got a new roof, finished with the new shingles that we are absolutely in love with. The back deck also got a new roof, the upper deck redone as well as new stairs up to the rock. Inside got a fresh coat of paint too.

Ixora and Lily should be the next two houses to reopen. The team is busy painting just about everything. Inside and outside! These will be the first houses to get the full treatment… including the new grey exterior. We must stay, they are looking rather spiffy! New kitchens are being installed in both this week too.


The trailers containing the Deltec houses (Mango, Alamanda, Hibiscus, and Jasmine) made it safely onto property. Funny thing though… they actually picked up a WRONG trailer! Imagine if that hadn’t been caught? Thank goodness Ports Authority double checked their container numbers and realized it the same day and were able to swap out containers. We are in awe of how the truck driver not only managed to get four containers into our field, but how he managed to line them up so neat and tidy! It might be a bit of a mad house around here lately, but at least the trailers are in a nice orderly state.


Work is also progressing on the private villas. Holly House, Jemstone and Beach House have all ordered new kitchens and roofing, and their materials have started to arrive. Virgin Oriental is finalizing their plans to do a little remodeling along with their repairs. Sugar Mill and Beso del Sol are getting new shingles and doors, as is Mondelo. La Cachette was quite severely damaged in Irma, so there is quite a bit more work to do there…. roof, kitchen, deck, and a completely new studio. Island Time is still assessing their repairs… we believe there might be some structural repairs to do to the master bedroom so that could take a while longer too.

Private villas that ARE open: Las Brisas and Casita, Rockmere, Casa Luna and soon Casa Rocalta as well. Casa Rocalta just has to finish rebuilding their gazebo and they will be “good to go”.

We are hopeful that the majority of villas will be open for this upcoming season, but it is still a little too early to confirm reservations just yet. Please continue to have some patience with us. Good things come to those who wait… right!?

11 thoughts on “Where’s the Time Going?

  1. We think of you every single day and are inspired by your efforts. Going on in the face of challenge is a powerful example for us all. Our memories of the peace and beauty at Guavaberry rival any vacation experience we have had over the 51 years of our marriage. We send our very best wishes as you recreate the magic.
    Ken and Margaret Kelley


  2. There is no way the day after Irma and seeing the damage left in her wake that anyone could have even imagined that you would be reporting such incredible recovery on April 13, a little more than 7 months after Irma’s visit. It is nothing short of a miracle and the tenacity and spirit of the GSB and VG strong! Awesome! Like all the others, we can’t wait to return and see the transformation! ❤️


  3. So happy that things are going along this quickly. I’ve been keeping track (and saying a few prayers–never hurts!)
    Love to everyone.


  4. The best part of my Fridays is reading about the progress at GSB. I’m always amazed by how much you all accomplish in a week!! When the renovations are complete, I think this blog should be turned into a hardcover book (Shutterfly does this) that you could print on demand. The writing is so wonderful, and the story is such an inspiration. I’ll be the first one to order it!! Hope to see you all before the end of the year.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mely and I are looking forward to are stay next season. We are lifted by your sprit and cannot wait until we see you all again.


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