Little Picasso’s…

Guests coming back to Virgin Gorda have been flooded with emotions. They are excited to be back, shocked to see the remnants of Irma’s destruction, overjoyed to reunite with friends they have met on VG. There are so many changes all in over the island that many are overwhelmed to the point of tears. BUT there is one change in the island that is sure to make you smile and maybe even shed a happy tear… introducing Virgin Gorda’s own mini Picasso’s!


Driving around you are sure to notice brightly painted signs on some of the electricity poles. Ironic how the same poles made that us all smile months ago are making us smile again 🙂 . It’s like a little scavenger hunt each day trying to spot new sign installations. The little artists behind these are none other than the students at Ciboney Centre for Excellence.


Ciboney has 82 students, from early childhood to grade ten, being taught by 10 teachers. Irma displaced the school from their temporary location at Andy’s Chateau but they quickly set up at the Catholic community center and Olde Yarde Village Cafe. Pre Irma they were in the planning phase for a new campus in Handsome Bay, so that has gotten pushed into overdrive and they are now putting up the first two buildings. The school is funded heavily by donations. The have an amazon wishlist to get supplies they need, hold many fundraisers throughout the year… from bake sales, bingo nights and an aquathon, and have been lucky enough to have the land for their new campus donated to them.


As a way of giving back, community service is part of their curriculum. Each student from grade five upwards has to do one hour of community service each week. They can choose what service they do, and recently have been inspired to add some beauty to the island. The children said that they noticed Irma took away many of the signs on island so they wanted to put them back!


They take plywood from destroyed roofs, cut them into various shapes and paint them with colorful pieces of art. They also take requests for specific signs! Once the students complete their signs, their Principal Laura Fox takes it upon herself to seal them with varnish at home, and then go out with her own three kids to hang the signs. You can find signs to promote recycling and not littering, inspirational words, beach entrance signs and simple pictures that are sure to put a smile on your face.


Thank you Ciboney for adding a little extra sunshine to our days! Each extra smile helps us push on through.


5 thoughts on “Little Picasso’s…

  1. This is so awesome! What a great idea. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for these little gems, and I’m sure I’ll be one of those guests shedding some happy tears when I spot one!


  2. Please e.m. Iain and me the address to send a contribution towards the school building. The children on Virgin Gorda are inspirational….as ALL OF YOU ARE. Love and Hugs. Christine Gilmour.

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