Fraternal Flashbacks

This week we thought it would be fun to hear a little more Roy family stories. So we take you back to Tortola, but from a slightly different point of view:

We posed this question to our guest blogger… What was it like growing up with Tina as a sister? This should be good! We won’t divulge which brother though… anonymity is half the fun. So, without further ado, here we go!

1955 Christopher and Edward Roy

“We were all very young when the family moved from England to Tortola. There was very little on the island at the time.When we went to school it was at the church hall which was next to the Police station. We were homeschooled by Penny Haycraft’s in her home first.

1957 June - Bettina in Topcliffe

Mom and Dad were building Treasure Isle Hotel and we moved in on Xmas eve. I was really worried Santa would not know where we were. He Knew.

Every day coming home from school, if you wanted to find Tina all you had to do was follow the trail of clothes, as she hated wearing them.

Treasure Isle was the place to be on a Saturday night. Mom and Dad held a dance party, with all the trimmings… Fungi band, rum punch, Tortola Royal (a rum drink 7 types of rum) which Dad invented. A great night was had by all.


(photo credit Anthony Sweeting)

The next morning, when us kids wanted breakfast, Mom and Dad were in no shape to get up. So, they told us to go get some cereal. We did, but we also found the fruit from the punch bowl from the night before which we put on our cereal.  3 drunk kids. All Mom and Dad could do was laugh.”

To be continued……

1967 Roy Family

5 thoughts on “Fraternal Flashbacks

  1. That drink sounds lethal!! I’m still laughing about the fruit from the punch bowl being spooned onto the cereal 😆! I love these family history blog entries; it’s so interesting to learn about how GSB came to be. Great job, guest blogger!


  2. This was great—I loved it! I wonder if Tina still hates to wear clothes when she gets home….miss you guys!


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