Oh The Life

I’ve been told that guests have said over the years that Guavaberry dogs have “the life”. Well, from what I see they do have it pretty good. However, I wouldn’t trade being the Guavababy!

Yes you read that right, I am Connor (the Guavababy) making my blog debut.


Pearl, Roxy and Moki have been very accommodating now that I have officially started working at the office. They even moved their bed to make room for my play mat. How sweet of them! I see them eying my toys though, but so far they haven’t tried to steal them. My bark is far louder than Moki’s so granny would come to my rescue if they tried.

I do have a lot of toys. I think my mom has a bit of a problem, but I won’t complain. My newest favorite toy? My fancy chair! This thing is awesome… I can sit on anyone’s desk and keep a watchful eye that they are doing their work. As hard as granny and Auntie Valerie work though, they do enjoy borrowing my toys to entertain me.


I have also met so many great people since starting work. I am sorry if I missed anyone during my naps. I try to keep them under 30 minutes so I don’t miss too much. When I am older I promise to give everyone I’ve met so far a nice hug, as a thank you for the lovely presents they have brought/sent for me. I am so excited to try on all those neat clothes when I fit into them.



Las week I received a package with a fabulous selection of books too. I love my books already. I will be more than happy to lend some books to other kids when they come and stay with their families. Do you know my Auntie Christine saved all of her childhood books from Granny’s house after Irma?! She promised to read them all to me and I can’t wait!

Well, my tummy is starting to rumble so time for my absolute favorite pastime… foooood.


4 thoughts on “Oh The Life

  1. Well, little Connor is a cutie for SURE! Glad to see that he posed on Auntie Valerie’s desk for his photo op. Great pictures!


  2. Great job with the blog, Connor! And yes, your desk-top chair is pretty darn spiffy! Looking forward to seeing you again next year, when you’ll be running all over the place!! Thanks for making our time at Guavaberry extra special 😘


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