Piece by Piece

Last week we were at a little loss for words. I think it was just shock and awe that we actually managed to get the shell of Jasmine built in under a week!  It was a tremendous undertaking, and we are grateful to be truly on the road to getting back to business as usual.

We must say a huge thank you to our “Deltec Guy”, Jeff Torr. Jeff is an independent contractor based out of Colorado who has been building Deltec designed homes for over 25 years. During this trip he trained the Princess Quarters and Mermaid Pools crews on the proper assembly techniques for the Deltec houses, and even gave them some tips and tricks along the way. The guys have said he was a pleasure to work with, and we are proud to help broaden the knowledge of other BVI-based businesses. Depending on how our time frame goes and how it coincides with Jeff’s schedule, we might call him back to help us when we are ready to put up Flamboyant.

Flamboyant arrived this week but we are not ready to unpack her just yet. We have only just removed the old foundation! It was bittersweet having Jasmine going up while the remains of Flamboyant were coming down.  While the excitement of the new build didn’t completely ease the sadness of Flamboyant’s demolition, it certainly helped distract us a bit.

While the guys are putting finishing touches on Jasmine’s shell, other crews are preparing to put up Cashew and Mango. We only have one jig (the piece that holds up the roof until everything is bolted together) so we can’t build more than one house at a time. Which will go up next?? Time will tell… but it feels like a little competition between the two construction companies as to who will get to “play with the big Legos” first.

Each house has been delivered to the appropriate build sites. Passers-by might think we are opening a Guavaberry lumber yard, but Roxy and Pearl are on patrol! These goodies are all ours, and we intend to use them all. Supplies on the island seem to keep running out, just because everyone is in “rebuild mode”. Even this week Vincent was unable to find 3/4″ PVC fittings on Virgin Gorda, so we had to out source to Tortola.  A bit round about, but the mission was still accomplished. Thankfully the Deltecs come with every bolt, screw and hurricane strap needed. Much like an IKEA shelf…. just with much better instructions and no need for an Allen key!

8 thoughts on “Piece by Piece

  1. I’m really enjoying these updates. Would you happen to have a picture of the grounds, with house locations labeled, laying around that you could post? It would help us folks at home keep score with the rebuilding. I’m sorry to say that I only recall the houses we stayed in over the years.


  2. We are running out of superlatives! Bravo! 👏👏👏

    We are saddened to see the final demolition of Flamboyant, aka to us as the Queerns’ house. We met John and Kathleen on our first visit to GSB in 1993 and always enjoyed their company on our return visits. But we are sure that they are looking down, along with Ludwig, at your progress, resilience, and endurance and are smiling as the new GSB is being built.


  3. We’re on island now and can attest to the progress. The pace is practically frantic. Rebuilding is happening everywhere. Really something to see.


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