By Popular Request…

Many have asked, so we shall answer! Villas, what about the villas? After Irma all remain standing in some shape or form. Some were luckier than others, but all will be back up and running eventually.

Currently open and accepting reservations: Las Brisas and Casita, Casa Luna (and soon Casa Rocalta!), Rockmere, Mondelo, and in a few short weeks Beach house.

Las Brisas and Casita somehow managed to escape severe damage. After a few new windows, a lot of garden work and some fresh paint, both houses are open for business.

Rockmere has made all their repairs, though one small window in a guest bathroom is still boarded up. The owner has even transformed the library and art studio into a spare room if a group needs it.


Casa Luna and Casa Rocalta both received new shingles and furniture. Just a few more touches on the Gazebo and Casa Rocalta will be “good to go”.

Mondelo was most recently completed. Most of the damage was to their beautiful wooden doors, but thankfully those were able to be repaired. New shingles for the roof and some additions to the furniture and she’s looking shiny and new.

Beach house is putting the finishing touches on the house and gearing up for their first rental in July. New roof, fresh paint and a brand new kitchen!



Holly House and Jemstone are next up. Both are getting new kitchens, roofs and sliding doors. The furniture at Holly thankfully survived… well, apart from the beds. Those ended up in the yard! Jemstone is getting a whole new look  including new living room and dining room sets and new bathroom vanities. We hope to have these two back by Christmas, if not sooner. Stay tuned!

Sugar Mill Plantation is having their blown out doors repaired right now. For those of you who don’t know the house, it has custom wooden doors with glass windows so we have a local carpenter/finisher tediously putting those back together. There could be a few other upgrades, but we will have to wait and see.



Virgin Oriental is making the final arrangements on their repairs. New kitchen, doors, likely some furniture too. Oh, and roof tiles… one can’t just replace one or two… ALL have to be replaced.


La Cachette was basically gutted. But these owners are persistent and really do think they will be ready for Christmas. Once the work starts we will be able to  know for sure though. Doors, windows, furniture, kitchen, and a COMPLETE overhaul in the studio (and maybe even a small pool!).

Beso del Sol has doors and windows to repair and the deck to replace. Orders have been made so just a waiting game there right now. Contractors are also a hot commodity currently so it’s basically “get in line” at this point. Bonus at Beso del Sol thanks to Irma? A bit more of a view! Can’t say how long it will last but for now, we’ll take it!

Last, but not least, Island Time. The house that has witnessed many family gatherings, weddings and retreats. Work has yet to really begin here. Sadly, the owner, Mr.Rosenbaum passed away so the family hasn’t had many chances to come and visit since. They are here now though, and will likely start assessing where they want to take the house with the repairs. So much natural wooden beauty in this house will take a lot of finesse.

So if you had already thought Tina was Super Woman, this is just a little more evidence to support the theory. She’ll take a cape in pink…. size small.

4 thoughts on “By Popular Request…

  1. You are amazing!!! Sorry, Island Times doesn’t look like it will be opening soon, that was my favorite. But there are plenty of other villas, like Casa Rocalta, and your homes. Look forward to going back to Virgin Gorda soon.


  2. Tina, Michelle, and Val- We have followed your journey along the way… thankful for your safety yet heartbroken at what you had to endure. If there had been a way, we’d been there to help with cleanup, etc! Guavaberry was our honeymoon, and many trips after that- a treasure!! We think of you often and are planning a return in the near future! A couple questions… did Margaret and Alan’s house survive? Love to you all! Michelle- your sweet little boy is Adorable!!!!!

    Hope to see you soon! Leslie Shell and Dave White ❤️❤️❤️

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