Pop, Pop, POP!

These houses are popping up like popcorn on a hot day. Another week, another house! Cashew was started on Monday and by Thursday the roof was on. We’re tickled pink! Tina in particular. It’s her favorite colour, in case you’d never noticed 🙂

Hibiscus had its floor slab poured on Wednesday, so once that cures it will be the next one to go up.

Alamanda is coming along as well. The wooden forms are off of the cistern and they are tying the steel for the columns.


Tina, Michelle and Ian had some “fun” recently trying to measure out furniture in Jasmine. I put “fun” in quotations because boy oh boy was it a task and a half. Princess Quarters went up first and chalked out the internal walls. Tina and Michelle followed armed with a measuring tape. Quick tip…. measuring out furniture is much easier with at least TWO measuring tapes. Thankfully Ian arrived and he had one too. Beds, dressers, couch, arm chairs and dining table set all “placed”. Thankfully they have great imaginations… chalk on a naked concrete slab but it still looks beautiful, or at least it will!

There was one snag encountered though during the measuring marathon. While trying to fit a king size bed in the master bedroom, the suggestion was made to maybe reorganize the bathroom to gain a few inches in the bedroom. “Sure, that could work” they thought. Then while standing in the chalked out bathroom, and one “sitting” on the toilet, they realized the toilet was over the cistern! “Oh, well then we just have to move it over to that wall” they thought. (Move position, “sit” on toilet again). “Well S**t” (pun intended)… still over the cistern! Turns out the cistern is a tad too big and the entire guest bathroom is over it! That’s a no go obviously. Thankfully Jeff, from Mermaid Pools, says he can cut the concrete and create a clearance under the bathroom. Phew! Crisis under control. Oh, and they managed to fit a king size bed in the master bedroom too! Bye bye queen beds! (Just to clarify it will be two twin beds that can be made up as a king)

Flamboyant’s slab is poured and the steel work has begun for the columns. This one is HUGE! 1500 square feet of house… so it will take a lot of columns. It’s so big in fact it took panorama mode just to get a picture!

Mango is just about ready for windows, doors etc. The crews are just finishing up Frangipani, Cedar and Guavaberry and then they will be able to move over there. I’m sure Verdan is circling Cedar daily just waiting to get her hands on the rather bare garden. With her bag of tricks, it will be beautiful soon enough!

2 thoughts on “Pop, Pop, POP!

  1. WOW🎉🙏🎉. Can’t wait till 2019 guys! What amazing progress you are making🙌 Love & hugs to you all😘


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