Another Week, Another Leap!


Up she goes! Yes, you’re seeing right! Hibiscus is now underway! This makes us officially past the half way mark. Although, Flamboyant is going to be massive so perhaps that should count as more than one on our “house count”.


Time sure is flying. We havebeen desperately trying to source furniture. Just when you think everything is all figured out you get told no, that can’t work after all! The furniture builders didn’t know just how determined we could be. Well, they certainly know now! We’ve almost resorted to begging to get some custom pieces. Furnishing “round” houses means you have to be very creative with furnishings. Not sure what Charles and Betty had against squares?!


It’s going to be a very large order so we’re hopeful the furniture builders will see $$$ and agree to fast track the order and customize the sizes for us. If not, how does the Christmas crowd feel about “glamping”? Sure we’ll have mattresses so you can sleep well, and picnicking on the patio sounds fun right??


The houses will at least have kitchens all shiny and new. Those get built in Canada by Bill at Dawson Cabinets. They have been building our cabinets for a few years now which means they know just what we like. This is also how we keep Edward busy during his retirement years, and Ed loves bonding with Ian… and by bonding we mean sending Ian back and forth to remeasure again and again. Measure twice, cut once! Once Ian and Ed have the kitchens measured and designed they still have to get official approval from Tina and Michelle. The boys don’t cook much (though Ed is the king of Christmas morning Eggs Benedict) so Tina and Michelle are much better in tune with kitchen conveniences.

We are very lucky to have a team with such complimentary talents. I’m sure when you see the end result, you will agree!


2 thoughts on “Another Week, Another Leap!

  1. I have been thinking about how you would deal with furnishing so many houses. It’s so much work to just Furnish one! Will you choose one of Everything and order the same things For every cottage? Round walls are Hard to work with! Maybe there are manufacturers that Work with hotels? It’s interesting that rattan which looks Fragile, in many cases survived Irma. Is there anything I could help you with from here? Hugs, Lorraine

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    1. We are getting same for all! Such a big order. We did manage to convince them to customize some pieces. But the order won’t arrive until December. Talk about cutting it close! Rattan is THE best 🤗


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