Spinning Round and Round

Where did July go?! Just when you think you’re ahead of the game another month flies by and you realize December is looming. (Anyone started their Christmas shopping yet?) We’ll be honest, we’re getting a little nervous as to whether or not these houses will get done.


This weekend is a long, long weekend with Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday being holidays. Emancipation Festival weekend. While the festival festivities are all happening on Tortola, there will be a little celebration on our beach this weekend. Shout out to Angel and Jessica who are getting married on Saturday and having their reception on Spring Bay! Some of you might have met Angel, who captained for Double D prior to Irma. Some of their guests are staying at Guavaberry which has helped push us to finish up three more one bedrooms so we have places for them to stay. Thanks guys! We wish Angel and Jessica all the best in their marriage!

I know, I know… three more one bedrooms open?! Did you think I wouldn’t tell you which ones? I could leave you all hanging and say to check back next week…. buuuuuut I’m way too nice for that.

Frangipani, Cedar and Oleander! It’s right down to the wire (what else is new right?!) with furniture being maneuvered around wet paint, the lovely ladies washing all the dishes down at the office to send up on Friday (today 🤗). We’re sure Ian is up there somewhere fitting screens too. You’d think he would be easy to find, but he is avoiding accumulating extra tasks before he goes.

Ian, the lucky lad, is headed off on a MUCH deserved vacation in a few days. He’d better rest up because it’s still full steam ahead when he gets back. Valerie is returning soon from her vacation too. Ian did enjoy having her desk while she was away.


Valerie… we know you’re reading this… don’t worry…. he brought his own pencil! Yours is safe and sound.  We cannot, however, promise that Tina hasn’t added a few decorative touches of her own. Paper chains are a bit passé, so she’s just left a few stacks of the full pieces there for you 😉

4 thoughts on “Spinning Round and Round

  1. The famous Board in the back ground. Oh my, how fearful we all were to get our names on it as soon as we arrived . Great years


  2. It amazes us to see all the flowers and trees. We wonder how the beach trees are fairing, especially the one that you all so carefully “staked” up. You wonderful people. So looking forward to March.


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