I’m Back!

It’s vacation time again! Finally, I get some good R&R for a few weeks while my mommy and daddy are away. What could be better than Granny Tina’s cooking and morning exercise program? Don’t think I am just freeloading though. I am earning my keep still by overseeing office activities.

Granny Tina and Aunt Michelle have been busy this week. I’m not sure what their shopping spree is for… but blenders, grill tools, cutting boards, cookware sets, cribs and high chairs sure sounds like a great party… even if kids are invited. At least Amex hasn’t cut them off.

Also part of my duty is alerting everyone in the office when someone comes in the door. I might need to figure out a new strategy though. My barks scare Connor and have no effect on keeping people from coming with with more bills. Perhaps if I refuse to eat that pumpkin in my bowl my silent gasses will deter them… and Connor shouldn’t mind either because let me tell you… I’ve smelled what comes out of him and it’s not glitter and roses either.

Part of my vacation package includes sunrise fitness. Sure, I’d rather sleep in but I don’t like to be left alone so I join in. On my morning walk today I was amazed by all the progress. Granny was jumping for joy when she saw Alamanda’s concrete floor was poured. I’m not into cardio as much so I opted for the scenic route around the construction site. I was a little disappointed though … the guys forgot to leave me any treats. I guess breakfast isn’t served al fresco. Maybe I will have better luck next week.

One thought on “I’m Back!

  1. I always enjoy Moki’s commentary on life at Guavaberry!! Looks like the work is paying off. So glad about the progress, I know you must be running in circles getting stuff done. We love you and can’t wait to get back!


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