Welcome home Ian

I’m sure Ian wishes he were back over in Europe sampling the variety of Italian wine and German beer. Alas… that can’t be! He hasn’t even been back a full week but we aren’t wasting any time. In the few days that Ian has been home things really have picked up the pace.

Alamanda is up! It took them one day to put up all the walls. Next is the roof, but Thursday had a bit of a rain delay. With the rain delay we also had to move our painting ladies somewhere covered. They have nearly painted all of the houses now, with only Banyan and half of Tulip left to go, but those two houses are not good places to paint in the rain. So what do we do with all these eager painters? Well, jump ahead of the game! We sent them underneath Flamboyant to start painting the cistern. Sure, there isn’t a house up … yet… but the pieces of the Deltec have been placed on the top of the foundation so as soon as Alamanda is done Flamboyant will begin! Pearl wasn’t so impressed with the rain delay, but thank goodness her thunder shirt survived Irma!


Now that we have finally unloaded Flamboyant from the trailers we can send those trailers on their merry little way…. to make room for the next batch. We have quite the shipment coming in! Two 40 ft trailers and a 20 ft flat rack filled with goodies… tiles, grout, cement boards, windows, door tracks, breaker panels and more. Okay, so maybe not that exciting to you but it sure is exciting for us. We think we have everything on island now to push forward on the interiors of these houses. Hopefully once they get going they will move along rather quickly.

Also on the agenda, WiFi. Michelle is heading up that project, with Ian on speed dial for consultation. He really knows more about bandwidth and all that jazz, but he has more than enough on his plate. Many of you know we lost our phone and internet lines courtesy of Irma. We did manage to get an LTE box set up for internet, and the service has been good enough for our use, but it certainly wouldn’t have enough ‘oomph’ once we welcome all of you back. So, our solution? Satellite! We are going to upgrade to satellite internet AND (fingers crossed) have WiFi available in all of our houses for this upcoming season. Now, please note, until the set up is completed and we have tested it everywhere we are not making any promises! We are just keeping up our positive thinking as usual.

Since this post was a little limited with pictures, I’ll close this out with a few random shots to brighten everyone’s day.

One thought on “Welcome home Ian

  1. The thinking, organizing, and ordering of all the details and supplies necessary to rebuild are mind boggling. Everything has to be well thought out, ordered, and delivered to the shippers to make it to VG…just amazing! But then again, we are speaking of our exceptional and beloved GSB group – you all are definitely awarded the coveted “exceeds expectations”!


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