What a Year

One year ago we awoke not knowing what we were about to face. We figured it would be bad, but we really had no idea what to expect. Emerging from the rubble, it soon became very clear that the future of Guavaberry was uncertain. Can anything be saved? Do we have the resources to rebuild? What about our staff? How about the rest of the island? Where do we start?

Well, it all started by clearing a path out. With that path out our beloved staff was able to make their way in. Their perseverance gave us the the answer we needed… we will rebuild!

We have learned many things along the way. How to turn on the generator WITHOUT having to call Ian, how a little bit of ice can create a huge smile, how to file insurance claims, how fast an excavator can take down a house… the list can go on.

Virgin Gorda itself has seen changes this year too. The marina, which was once the center of town, has been going through some teething pains and many of the businesses have moved elsewhere. Irma took out all of our power lines, but thanks to the hard working crew of the BVI electricity company and countless volunteers from all over the world, we have shiny new lines. The majority of the island is still without phone lines, and BVI Cable TV is thing of the past. Most recently though, the last of our banks has left us. Yes, we are now a bankless island. There is still a Scotiabank ATM for cash withdrawals , and we are hopeful another bank will come to our rescue, but until then we will just have to do what we do best… persevere. The community on a whole has grown closer with all of these changes too. People are sharing ideas and helping their neighbors more than ever before so there is at least that silver lining.

Words really cannot describe the last 12 months and the highs and lows we have experienced as a family, company, and community. There are still good days and bad days. Throughout everything though, we are most grateful for having all of your support and words of encouragement. Thank you to everyone who sent prayers, e-mails, letters and donations. We can’t think of any better way to show our appreciation than to push on through these next three months and get the job done. No matter what each day brings, the vision of seeing all your smiling faces walking back through our doors will make it all worth it. We will be thrilled to make dinner reservations and fit snorkel equipment, instead of clearing trailers through customs and designing kitchens. The housekeepers are more than ready to drop their paint brushes and fluff your pillows. We’re even pretty sure Ian is excited to trade in his hard hat for his handy dandy plunger again.

September 6th, 2017 changed us. We are survivors determined to come out on top. We are rebuilding our livelihood, and are very much looking forward to rebuilding happy memories with you all.


6 thoughts on “What a Year

  1. This brought tears to my eyes… very emotional!!! You are all incredible to say the least.

    Sent from Jessie Edwards’ iPhone



  2. This brought tears to my eyes, too. What you as a family and business and what the island as a whole has accomplished in the past year in the face of such destruction is truly amazing and inspiring. We can’t wait til our next visit!


  3. You are all survivors! Determined! And that precious baby was a sign of hope for new beginnings and a fabulous future! We’ll be back….
    congratulations on staying the course!


  4. The prior comments express it all! We are blessed to know all of you. Having seen the devastation first hand and now seeing these pictures and progress a year later, we know that divine intervention played a part in keeping everyone safe during Irma and intervention as you all have moved forward. Connor is/was the sign of hope that we all needed….especially you!


  5. aww – this is beautifully written and i should not have read it at work – sniff sniff. You all are an inspriation in perseverance and I can’t wait to see everybody and see all the changes! See you Jan 2nd!!!


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