All hands on deck

This week we’ve added even more bees to the hive. Looking at the calendar and the looming Christmas bookings decided it might be worth calling in some reinforcements. Now, between the cottages and villas we have 8, yes EIGHT, construction companies on site. We have (finally) started the interiors of the Deltecs. Hibiscus, Mango, and Cashew are getting inside walls and windows, and will start looking a bit more welcoming soon.


Since Tina, Ian and Michelle already finalized the layout of the two bedrooms those are coming along smoothly. Cashew has only one wall to frame out. One wall you say? Easy, right? Think again! It all comes back to the same question… why round houses?! While we loved the old chap, Commander Roy sure knew how to create a conundrum.


This now infamous wall divides the bedroom and bathroom. Shouldn’t be so hard. But a few inches one direction makes the bedroom that little bit too tight. A few inches the other direction, you can sit on the toilet while you brush your teeth. We have to get this one right, so it’s back to the drawing board for some more ideas.

Jasmine is getting railings and stairs this week. Not quite sure why it’s taken so long to get stairs up. Ladders sure get inconvenient really quick so stairs are a welcome sight. Another crew is building up a storeroom underneath Hibiscus. During a quick walk through we thought “hmm this would be a pretty good hurricane bunker”…. solid concrete on one side and concrete blocks on the other… at least our rollaway beds will be protected!

The biggest news on the block (or should we say foundation?) is Flamboyant’s walls are UP! We couldn’t be happier! The roof should be on by next week, and our crack team of designers (Tina, Ian and Michelle) will then be on all to map out the inside walls. Let’s hope the carpenters can get some stairs knocked together quickly, those ladders really are a pain!

Holly and Jemstone are getting their roofs completed. Jemstone also has sliding glass doors in. Beso del Sol has a beautiful new deck and will be getting windows changed out next. Sugar Mill is still having the windows worked on, but they are coming along nicely. Virgin Oriental has completed their designs and the owner is here now setting everything up for the work to begin.


The biggest changes among the villas have been at La Cachette. They have formed up a POOL for the studio! We are really excited to see the finished product, and have an inaugural dip (no, not a skinny one!) when it’s finished.


On a side note, while we are up to our eyeballs in recovery mode, we realize that many of our friends, and friends of friends in North and South Carolina are going through Hurricane Florence. Our thoughts are with you all. Stay safe, stay dry and most of all stay positive!

3 thoughts on “All hands on deck

  1. Thank you for rebuilding! Your place is heaven on earth for so many people and I look forward to visiting again. Kind regards, Melissa


  2. Everything is looking SO great. Congrats to you ALL. We are very happy be coming back in March. Here in MD we were in preparation mode for Florence, however we are now only hoping for lots of rain. Our thourghts are with everyone south of us. C and I.


  3. thanks for all the updates!! We’re so happy to see all the recovery efforts and looking forward to January when we can see it all in person 🙂


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