Happy Belated Birthday Tina!

1957 June - Bettina in Topcliffe

The date was September 19, 19**…. some 40++ years ago 😜 when a prodigy entered this world. A bubbly brown haired baby girl was born in Ripon, England. Unfortunately for the royal family this prodigy was not bred for damp English weather, but instead for a tropical paradise. She fared the Atlantic crossing like a pro at a young age… though we would too knowing the destination! No matter how many times she wandered around the globe, she (thankfully) always made the journey home to Virgin Gorda. Flash forward now 40++ years, she’s captaining her own ship and leading her crew into a new beginning.

This week she has been orchestrating the unloading of two 40′ containers and a 20′ flat rack. Fridges, toilets, tiles, cement, lighting and a ton more! It took almost an entire day but they got it done!

The roof is on Flamboyant and we finally got to go up and check out the view from the deck. The house is a little higher than before, so the view is much better. There will still be a back deck to escape the afternoon sun as well as a sunset deck on the rock for well… sunsets.

Walls are up in Hibiscus and the electrics are being run. Trying to place lights when we are putting new furniture into a new house is quite challenging. We’ll let everyone know later if they need to bring extra-long chargers for their electronics, or if we actually got it right.


So, when does the birthday girl get to celebrate her day with all of this work to keep on top of? Well, she has been sung to many times by family, staff and friends. She has had the obligatory piece of cake but until Sunday that will have to do. At the end of a work day it’s a quick dinner and early bedtime. Sunday we will all be able to pack a picnic, grab some snorkel equipment and hit the beach. So, if you don’t get a fast reply to e-mails on Sunday please excuse us while we work on our tans.


15 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday Tina!

  1. Our favorite part of Friday is getting to see the latest progress at our much loved GSB. Happy belated birthday to one of the most amazing women we know!! ❀️❀️ from Gail and Marisel


  2. Happiest Birthday to to the most beautiful & energies Grandmother Tina EVERβ€οΈπŸŽ‰β€οΈ Can’t wait to see you in 2019πŸ™Œ


  3. Tina is in the “birthday season” and is entitled to have an extended birthday, especially after all her hard work this past year. Happy Birthday to an amazing woman and friend! Enjoy your “season”! β€οΈπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ


  4. Happy Birthday Tina! You and your family/Team are an inspiration. Thank you all for sharing your journey. May the next year be filled with calm water, gentle breezes, and fair sunshine!


  5. Wonderful update and wishing Tina a very Happy Birthday. Sunday is a great time to celebrate her Birthday and all the amazing progress you at GBSB have made.
    Al n Jerry


  6. Happy Birthday. Have a great day on your beach. Your amazing, Wonder Woman.
    Hope to see you In the future. I cant remember how many years but Andrew is turning 21 and he came to VG when he was 3.
    Thanks for all of your memories that your Guavaberry gave us. Including BO


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