We have focused a lot lately on the two bedroom Deltec houses and Flamboyant. But please don’t think we have forgotten about Cashew! It is actually way further ahead than I thought it was. I’m not going to give away all the surprises but I can give you a sneak a peek.

Remember that pesky wall the other week that had Tina, Ian and Michelle scratching their heads? Yes, the bathroom one. Well, it’s up! They are quite happy with how it fits and it even makes for a sort of walk-in closet! Bonus!

The crew that is working on it is Maynard’s construction. Connor might have had a little hand at contracting the job… the head of Maynard Construction is actually the dad of Connor’s best friend, Kingsley. They have lovely playtimes in the office during the week. Kingsley helped teach Connor how to sit up. In trade Connor taught Kingsley how to make fart noises with his mouth. Fair trade we’d say! Sorry Kingsley’s mommy and daddy….

Back to Cashew now. Insulation is going in (something the first Cashew didn’t actually have) so that will help keep the house cooler. Also cool (pun intended) will be the option for air conditioning. Now, for all of you who prefer the trade winds, don’t worry. There are still louvered windows and since the house is about two feet higher than before it gets an even better breeze!

The house is also getting the electrical wires installed. Plenty of outlets to charge your gadgets, but we do ask you to remember to put those gadgets down though every once in a while and enjoy a starry night out on the rock. Try, just try, to find the constellations without that iPad app.

This week’s big decision was where to place the deck. Spoiler alert…. it’s not where it was before! This deck is going to be awesome. Partially covered so you can dine al fresco but enough open space to work on your tans…. and private enough that tan lines will be optional!

The deck roof proved to be a challenge of a whole other level. How to place a roof, not connected to the house, supported properly but won’t block the view, and where to place the supporting posts that won’t cause issues after one too many bushwackers. We think we have the problem solved though so fingers crossed. Maybe we should leave the blender out of the house for the time being though just to be on the safe side.

3 thoughts on “Cashew

  1. Sounds like you all are having a great time building. Almost like a kid with tinker toys or building LEGO’s.
    Seriously, your amazing all of you .


  2. I look forward to staying in Cashew or one of the other wonderful units. Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading about the progress. Sending you much love and good wishes, Melissa Bogen


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