Try to Keep up!

Quick updates this week… there is so much going on we ourselves are having trouble keeping up.

We officially have no more brown houses. Banyan is the final house getting all dolled up with a fresh coat of grey. Don’t worry… only four shades, not 50! 😉

Hibiscus, Mango and Cashew have all had their interior walls framed, and now also dry walled, so they are looking more and more homey by the day. Next step should be laying the tiles. It’s so close we can taste it (not that we know what tile tastes like obviously).

Mango is also getting siding on the exterior this week and electrics run inside. It’s like playing with tinker toys and covering it all with silly string! We must say, thank goodness for electricians because having to get everything wired correctly before the drywall goes up sounds daunting. One shot to get it right and no way to test it?! We will stick with our calculators and spell check thank you very much.

Around the grounds the iconic sign has come out of hiding. It’s not officially ready to be placed since it needs a few minor repairs, but it is a symbol that we are that much closer to “normal”.

The beach is also getting a bit of a makeover. The bushes were getting rather wild so the guys have been down there all week clear, chopping, raking and burning. There are some really awesome trees that were hidden away back in the brush. The tamarind tree is hanging in there, though a strange mushroom is growing on the trunk. We have asked around an found out it is part of the tree’s natural immune system, and isn’t contagious to other trees (or humans) and should sort itself out, much like when we get a bad sinus cold.

The beach shed has arrived and is awaiting assembly. Chairs are still available and Ricky is doing a great job keeping them perfectly stacked. Picnic tables and benches are still being sourced but we will have them by Christmas.

Remember that order we told you about a few weeks ago? The one with all the cribs, plates, pots, blenders etc… well that all arrived this week as well. Five pallets of goodies. We had to open each of the 62 boxes to check the order. It was like Christmas on steroids! We were rather tired at the end too but unfortunately not from Turkey endorphins this time.

And with that I will close out for the week. Gotta rest up for Monday, and whatever excitement next week will bring!

4 thoughts on “Try to Keep up!

  1. We are all so excited to witness your progress and amazed at the speed you continue to work at day in and day out. Can’t wait to be there


  2. You all are just amazing. Not easy down here at the moment but you are moving forward, quickly, and getting things accomplished. Very impressive!


  3. So great to see the continued progress! I’ll miss seeing these wonderful GSB pictures that always make me feel like I’m there when the rebuild is complete!


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