When the Cat is Away…

So, the time has come. We have (finally) managed to get Tina away from her desk. We had to pry her fingers from her keyboard, and roll her chair out the door, but it was a success. We have shipped her out for a few weeks of a well deserved vacation. It took a lot of convincing at first but she finally caved. She will be strolling around the French Riviera with Ed and Nina. She didn’t have much time to look at the actual tour itinerary before she got on the flight, but we’re sure she will have a great time. Lets just hope she doesn’t come back with a limestone statue that we need to incorporate into one of the houses. No… more… shopping!

Back at base camp here, things are running as smoothly as they can be without Tina around. Michelle, Ian and Valerie are keeping on top of things. So far. It’s only been a few days since Tina left. There have already been a few “oh no, what do we do now” moments but nothing a quick Facetime call can’t fix. As punishment for calling, we get told about all the lovely food Tina is eating. As great as the stores are here now, nothing can compare to a bowl of fresh fruit salad… one that didn’t require stopping at three stores to find strawberries without fur.

We did have one near disaster though. All we can say is thank goodness the housekeepers still know how to whip a house clean in no time. Turns out we forgot to put a reservation on the board this week. Can you imagine the panic!? Someone shows up when we thing we have zero arrivals!? Holy Moly! Yet again though, our staff is absolutely amazing. They came back to work after already having gone home for the day. They even had smiles on their faces. They could only laugh at our little office mishap. I guess not having a regular winter season full of guests our brains are still in permanent “September mode”. For those who are unaware… September mode occurs when there aren’t many guests around, your focus is more on the maintenance side of things, and you slowly forget how to type since the e-mails are so quiet.

Many of you have also asked about summer 2019 rates. We will set them eventually. This has nothing to do with September mode at all, we promise. It’s on our lists to do, but so many other things keep butting in line. We hope by now you all know that we will never increase the rates so high that you won’t want to come. Just have a little more patience with us. Even if we don’t get to send you a confirmation before you arrive, as long as we say “you’re on the board” we mean it… even if you show up and we weren’t expecting you… ^^^ case in point ^^^…. we’ll always welcome you with open arms.

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