Tina’s holiday is drawing to a close. She is finishing up her travels in England visiting family. We think it was really to dry out from all the Rosé in Nice but we’re not judging! We are excited to hear about her adventures and all of the yummy food she ate along the way. She will be back in the office next week and then we’ll be putting the pedal to the metal. No 20 mph speed limit when it comes to construction!

Cashew is coming along BEAUTIFULLY. I would love to share more pictures, but for those Cashew regulars I really want to leave a few surprises. We want you to be blown away (not literally… been there, done that, not doing it again) when you see it in person.

Since we haven’t touched lately on the villas, here’s a quick update on those:

Sugar Mill now has air conditioning in the master bedroom so you can lie back and enjoy the sunset in a cool, fresh oasis if that’s your style. The new doors we have been waiting for are actually on island, and should be installed in next week we hope.

Virgin Oriental is in total demo mode. We all know it has to look worse before it looks better, and from the sketches we’ve seen this house is going to be really cool. No, we aren’t sharing any secrets yet, but we think you will love it too.

Jemstone’s roof is 99% completed, which means the kitchen goes in next. Once that’s installed it’s just painting to finish up and furniture to move in! Score!

Holly House is having its windows installed, and then we can get moving on that kitchen too. The living room will be getting some updated furniture for a fresh new look.

La Cachette is starting to look like a house once again. They too are waiting on doors from Puerto Rico (I think?) so the crew is working on everything else to get ahead of the game. Again, improvements will be found which the repeat guests should appreciate.

Island Time’s new windows are crated and preparing to ship from Hawaii. (Do they have “lei” away there?) That’s all I know currently about that remodel unfortunately. Guess that will be a surprise for me too!

Beso del Sol is also getting new windows installed and they are working on the roof this week. The deck has been redone, and it feels more and more like the home it was before.

The wifi installation is about 70% completed. A few more hubs to install to get it all the way across the property, but we are working at lightening speed at the office. Actually, let’s rephrase that… the internet is working at lightening speed… we ourselves still connect our brains to old school dial-up occasionally!

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  1. Wow! So much progress! Tina will be psyched to see it all when she returns from her travels😊. Cashew looks so lovely…we’ve never stayed in it, but are pretty sure we’re going to want to!!


  2. Out of the chaos, devastation, and destruction brought by Irma, the very ambitious (and seemingly impossible) GSB rebuild plan was formulated a little over a year ago. All of us stand in awe and admiration of what you have accomplished this past year not only at GSB but at the villas. Bravo!!! We can’t wait to return to see all of you and the results of your hard work! While we wait for our beloved Gardenia to be rebuilt next year, we may just have to check out the new Cashew too!


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