Granny is Back!

I just couldn’t hold back my excitement this week so I had to take over the blog and share my joy. Granny is home! Oh how I have missed her. Sure, I’ve got lots of toys and can entertain myself, but nothing can top granny’s silliness. We have so much fun laughing together. I wish she didn’t have to work, but I take long enough naps now that hopefully mommy and granny get everything done in those two hours.

Mommy tells me that all of the houses now have WiFi which sounds super exciting. Even better? I get to hang out with granny while mom tests out the signal strength around the property. She mentioned that there are still some adjustments to make, but I’m sure that will get figured out.

Much to granny’s surprise having WiFi everywhere now means being able to do live broadcasts on Facebook. Luckily granny has a good sense of humor. Mommy might have been sent for a time out when she went live without Granny and Uncle Ian knowing the other day!


Roxy has been looking particularly tired the past few days. She wasn’t aware that granny was on a walking tour and came home with a much faster walking pace. I think Uncle Ian better look out too because this just means she can cover more ground on her morning rounds which means more work for him! Don’t worry Uncle Ian, I will do my best to keep granny at her desk.

Even more exciting news this week? I’m going to be getting cousin in January! By then I should know all the rules at the office and will try and teach Sir Hawkins how to behave. As long as he doesn’t take all of granny’s attention that is. Judging by the amount of energy granny has though I think she has plenty to share. Even I can’t keep up with her and am ready for a nap after 3 hours. Speaking of naps, that sounds like a great idea right about now so I will sign off.

Oh, but before I do… a special shout out to my bestest buddy Kingsley! It’s his birthday today! He’s turning a full one year old already! Let me know how it feels to be so old dude and save me a pice of cake!


4 thoughts on “Granny is Back!

  1. Oh how I miss those wonderful days. I remember Michelle as a young kid home at holidays.
    Remember Hurricane Lenny, we stayed on site, was so glad I didn’t leave. Of course Irma was worse.
    Hope to come back maybe in 2019


  2. GREAT pics. You look such a love, can’t wait to meet you in March. Till then BIG kisses blown over to Virgin Gorda.


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