Gearing Up…

Well it is time to get back into the swing of things. We are still up to our eyeballs in the rebuilds but it’s time to switch our brains over and and polish up to get this season rolling.

This week we had four check ins! Such a nice feeling to be able to chat to new people again. All of them are newbies to Virgin Gorda and seem happy so far.  Yes, it’s quiet on the island, but they don’t miss what’s not open yet :). They are also our WiFi guinea pigs and so far so good.

Our housekeepers are starting to get back from their vacations too. They are loving having guests back in house so they don’t have to paint every day. There is still a ton of painting to do, but the time is just about up for the ladies. Cue the return of Tina’s brother Edward!  He and his wife Nina are due back to the BVI shortly, and if we’ve learned anything in the past, it’s to keep Ed busy and out of our hair.  Painting seems like just the right task. Not to strenuous, as he is technically retired, and it’s something he should be able to do with limited supervision…. we hope.


We are expediting the first furniture shipment to arrive in the next week or two. I guess our pleading worked since they finished the living room furniture ahead of schedule! The bedroom furniture is taking a little longer since some of the pieces are being customized. Ever tried furnishing a house before it’s even built? Not easy let me tell you. We are holding our breaths hoping everything will fit as planned. If not, bunk beds for everyone!

Tiles have gone in at one of the two bedrooms. Again, won’t specify which one exactly so we don’t get accused of playing favorites. Hint: the house is named after a tropical plant. See what I did there?


Tiles have also started being laid in the bathroom at Cashew. That in itself was quite the task. I’m sure the contractor was just about ready to kick Tina and Michelle out that day. The only question was how far up the wall to take the tiles. Sounds easy right? Well not so much. Had to estimate where the vanity would come to, then had to avoid outlets and switches with the border tile, then once they had it set (or so they thought) the window sill came into play. They finally figured it out after running up to Frangipani which has the new border tile already in it. Oh, but just to give you an idea of how big the bathroom is at Cashew, we fit five people in there at one point! Not that we are recommending it, but useless trivia is something the Roy family descendants are good at.


Any of you who follow the BVI closely know it has been quite the rainy week. The plants are happy, and it’s nice to have full cisterns ahead of the season.  We are all quite thankful the work left to do is mainly inside so the weather it isn’t slowing us down too much. As much as we would prefer to be curled up in bed with a book and a warm beverage, we have to keep cracking on!

2 thoughts on “Gearing Up…

  1. I can’t wait to see Cashew! You could barely fit one person on the old bathroom. 🙂
    Congratulations on all the progress!


  2. We are so very excited to hear of all the progress. If there is an issue with the beds, I’m good with cots, bunk beds, whatever is available. As long as we are there


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