Busy weekend ahead

We’ve got a busy weekend here at Guavaberry. All of the one bedroom houses are booked! It is the BVI Food Fete this weekend in Virgin Gorda. It’s an annual event  which brings local and international chefs together to show off their talents, so come and check it out next year!

While we are on the topic of food there is a new restaurant that has just opened on Virgin Gorda called the Spanish Town Cafe. It is owned and operated by sisters Monica and Anna who some of you might remember from Mine Shaft, Bath and Turtle, and even Mad Dogs at one point. They are great behind the bar and now in the kitchen too. You can get what they call “tourist food”… burgers, salads, wraps… but we think our guests are much more adventurous so we recommend trying some of the local and Spanish dishes. Fish with mayonnaise sauce, garlic shrimp, fungi, and ground provisions are just some of the offerings. Their burgers are pretty good too though!

(Photo credit Guy Valade)

Back to the home front now. Tiles are down inside and on the deck at a two bedroom house. No, we still aren’t sharing which one just yet. Alamanda’s stairs are almost complete. They just need to cast the bottom step and they are good to go.

Over at Flamboyant the stairs are also nearly completed. After that… no more ladders! Thank heavens! The (seemingly) treacherous climb is very off-putting to those of us in the office so we can’t peek in as often as we would like to, but maybe that’s why the construction crews do the stairs last? The electrician is working his magic, so we are nearly ready to put up the walls. This one is literally going to be right down the the wire.

Cashew is coming along beautifully. I think it soon going to get its kitchen installed, and the roof is finally getting shingles put on.

Our first trailer of furniture is in the territory. We aren’t in any rush to collect it though. We thought we had space to store it, but then the mattress order arrived first! So much for those new storerooms. They are full right up to the ceilings. Just when Ian thought he was going to be able to clear out his fancy new workshop, we might be taking it over for the furniture! #sorrynotsorry

And if Ian thought maybe he could escape the madness at 4:00 when he goes home, his mommy and daddy are also arriving this weekend! They are staying in a cottage, but if we can book the house they will have to move in With Ian. Oh how the tables turn huh Ian? After years at Guavaberry though we are sure he’s learned how to be a gracious host, and might even treat his wonderful parents to a home cooked meal.

2 thoughts on “Busy weekend ahead

  1. You all have been going flat out since Irma, and the results are evident. We could not be more proud of what you have accomplished. Kudos to everyone!!!!! ❤️🤗😎


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