Busy, Busy, Busy!

We hope everyone in the USA had a lovely Thanksgiving! Hopefully today you aren’t going too hard at the Black Friday sales. Save some of those pennies for your Pina Coladas this winter when you are in Virgin Gorda.

Edward and Nina have joined us for the next two months. We let them unwind their first day here, but that’s it. Day 2 it was straight to work. Ed didn’t have to clock in until 9 am, so don’t feel too bad for him. Well, we did have him working until 5:45 but he did have a nice leisurely lunch break. Nina’s job is to keep Ed and Ian fed and hydrated, and we can attest that she does a fantastic job at that! She makes a mean strawberry rhubarb crumble.


The beach has been tidied up and we are happy to report that the tamarind tree is thriving! Hopefully soon the supports are going to be coming off and it will once again happily shelter everyone from the sun and occasional rain shower. We still have to order new picnic tables to replace the ancient ones we all know so well. They’ve seen many a picnic and are ready to retire.  We are hoping the new ones will be built soon, but how do you all feel about a bench-assembling afternoon on your holiday? Asking for a friend.


The guys cleared back some of the wild bushes behind the tamarind trees so now there is even more space to sit. (Roxy and Pearl have scoped out some good spots for some holes too!) The beach shed is going to be getting a new foundation, but that’s a little further down the list. For now the neat piles of chairs will do. Think of it as Guavaberry Beach Jenga maybe?


Sugar Mill has officially reopened and welcomed its first post Irma guests. In true Guavaberry form it was right down to the last minute. We must just love the adrenaline rush or something!


Jemstone is oh so close to ready, but it has had a few hiccups so we had to push the reopen date to Christmas. The kitchen is being installed, and we can’t wait to see it. I’m not sure what Irma disliked more… roofs or Formica? We are loving all the newly renovated kitchens though!

Virgin Oriental will be closed for the season (sorry if we already mentioned that before…hard to keep track sometimes!). They are making great progress already though. The roof beams are up and walls are being put up as fast as they are coming down! The layout of the main living space upstairs is being completely upgraded.


Holly House’s new living room furniture has arrived. It is still in storage for now while work is continuing at the Villa.

La Cachette is aiming for a Christmas opening as well. What we used to call the studio has now been renamed “The Cottage at La Cachette”. We are super excited to see it all put together. The pool itself is gorgeous even without water in it yet.


Island Time has had a few set backs. Unfortunately they will not reopen for Christmas as once hoped. When we have a clear date we will let everyone know. The doors are all being rebuilt on island, but it wasn’t until today that the carpenter’s new workshop got hooked up to power. Helps to have that to run to power tools!

Not much to report at Beso del Sol this week. In all honesty I have zero idea what’s actually going on over there. Perhaps we can invite Ian to be a guest blogger one week and he can fill us all in? Or maybe Edward would like to make a cameo appearance again!? Enquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy!

  1. Everything looks lovely.
    Traditionally, years ago, we would arrive at Guavaberry the day after Thanksgiving. Nicky the cabdriver would pick us up and drop us off in paradise.


  2. Looking REALLY amazing. Blessings and love to all of you. The beach looks as beautiful as ever. Bringing an umbrella in case the deck chair cabin is not installed!!! Only 10+ weeks now. HURRY UP!!!!!!!! Only joking. Chris G.


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