Bits and Bobs

That time when you are taking a leisurely morning, making breakfast and gearing up for the day … and then you realize it’s already Friday! Usually that would give a happy “yay it’s the weekend feeling” until you realize “my word! I haven’t don’t the GuavaBelieveIt post yet!”.

Pearl, Roxy and Moki are far to busy this week to call upon. There are finally enough guests that they have to make their evening rounds so that does them in for the day. They do need their beauty sleep.

We have been keeping Edward busy all week too so as much as we are all waiting for his next post, that will have to wait. He barely has time to sit down, and when he does… we make him fix snorkel equipment! He and Nina did a fab job cleaning, organizing and taking inventory of our gear though! Now Tina and Michelle get to do what they do best… SHOP! New gear coming in for the season! So exciting!

Tina and Michelle are not the only ones who have a shopping problem. Ian has a secret love affair with Amazon too. He’s not in a committed relationship with Amazon though. He’s openly seeing Home Depot in person tomorrow in St. Thomas, and even introducing Home Depot to His daddy! Things must be serious. Let’s hope the pipes and fittings meet their approval though, or else they will have to look up a quick date with a local plumbing store in the yellow pages!\


Speaking of St. Thomas, Speedy’s is resuming their direct service between Virgin Gorda and St. Thomas as of tomorrow too. They will only be doing Tuesdays and Saturdays this season, but something is better than nothing. You can still get here the other days of the week by going through Road Town. There is also a new ferry between Road and Virgin Gorda. It’s called Sensation. We haven’t taken it yet personally, but we do hear it is nice. We do feel that we should inform you that they do charge more than Speedy’s, but if you don’t want to wait then we’d say go for it!

Another new way to get here from St Thomas… VI Airlink. They have begun flights between St. Thomas and Virgin Gorda! They don’t fly from San Juan, that is still only Air Sunshine, but more options the better we think! Of course, if your budget allows… by far the easiest way to get here is by private air charter, but that really does eat into the Pina Colada budget!

vi air link

Time to sign off now. It is Friday after all and we gotta finish some other projects by the end of day. Cheers to the weekend! After the crazy week this week we sure do need it.

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