Win Some, Lose Some.

There comes a point in time in anyone’s life where you just have to admit defeat. Well, our time is now. No matter how many men we throw onto Flamboyant, it’s not going to meet the Christmas deadline. We are really upset about it, but there is nothing more we can do. It’s either delay that one, and have the other houses ready… or have none of them ready at all. We have already made our call of shame to the guests booked into Flamboyant and they are thankfully super understanding. Thank goodness we had a back up house on reserve “just in case”

If anyone is looking for a new career, try and become a joiner or tiler. Those are two very exclusive trades it seems. Now, maybe we are just major perfectionists, but there are only a handful of joiners and tilers that we truly trust will produce work up to our standards. That has sort of backed us into a tight corner (pun intended), but we refuse to lower our standards just to get a house finished.

Once they get the two bedroom houses done it will be all hands on deck (literally) for Flamboyant. Unfortunately for us, Christmas is when all of the contractors take their vacations too so it will be halted a while longer.

Kitchens are starting to go into the two bedroom houses. We really do feel sorry for the ONE tiler who has been tiling the floors, bathrooms, and now counter tops. He does have a couple of guys who work with him, but he’s as much of a perfectionist as we are so he has to oversee everything.

Ed and Nina are heading up the painting ladies this week. Thank goodness those two don’t mind getting their hands dirty. It’s also really nice to have extra sets of eyes out there finding all the little details that need attention.

The beach shed is up, so no beach Jenga for you after all. Still waiting on those picnic tables to arrive so how does a round of “pick up sticks” sound

I’m going to have to cut it short today. Lots to get done in a very short amount of time. How is it December already!?

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