And the Winner Is….!

It’s the finals of the house-building Olympics! The first Deltec to be completed, winning gold, is Hibiscus. Cashew will finish in a very close second to clinch the silver. Who will get the bronze? Only time will tell!

We are so happy to have a two bedroom house again, you have no idea. While creativity runs in the family (We actually managed to fit a family of five into Oleander this summer believe it or not!) we are relieved to be able to let the houses do the hard work now.

As for the Olympics, it’s still going to be a tight race to the finish for the rest of the cottages, but now that the crew is out of Hibiscus they can lend a hand on the others in true team spirit.

We are still crossing our fingers and toes that the bedroom and dining room furniture arrives next week. As Tina said, sometimes no news is good news when it comes to shipping companies. Dressers and tables will definitely make your stay more comfortable, don’t you think?

This week our guys having been weight training for the furniture shipment… by moving beds. Out with the old and in with the new! All of the houses will have new beds for the season. Perhaps that will make up for not having a dining table if the shipment gets delayed? Bedside picnic anyone?

Michelle finally took the week off from work to get some personal “admin” done. Her new apartment is finally finished with the major renovations so she and Connor are setting up house. Connor is already loving all the space! It also helps that she only had to move  half of Connors things too. The other half got sent to Christine’s house for sorting, washing and folding in preparation for her new arrival.  Only a few more weeks to go and the newest family member will be here! By then most of the construction will be finished so we can actually take the time to enjoy the new little guy, and maybe start his Guavaberry guest service training. Can never start early enough!

2 thoughts on “And the Winner Is….!

  1. To all of you at Guavaberry….. A very HAPPY and PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS. Blessings to everyone, and SO many calm, safe, and wonderful times ahead. Christine and Iain.


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