Ready or Not, Here We Go!

What a whirlwind of a week! First thing Monday morning it was straight into paperwork. The invoices and manifests for the furniture container had to be filed to be cleared trough customs. Thanks to the helpful officers down in the customs office, we now know the trick to clear our papers quickly, but we needed one teensy number from the shipping company to finish the process and they didn’t have it yet! Okay, give them a few hours we say. Nope. By the end of day on Monday we didn’t have the number to clear the papers. Why, you ask? Turns out the barge was broken down in St. Thomas! Not what we wanted to hear.

Thankfully Tuesday morning we got word that the barge had left St. Thomas and was en route directly to Virgin Gorda. Bonus that they didn’t have to make a stop in Tortola, because knowing our luck it would have broken down again.  Our luck wasn’t 100% perfect though,  as we still couldn’t get that one number to complete our paperwork. Finally after many phone calls and much groveling we got the information we needed and submitted our paper work on Wednesday morning. By midday we had them cleared and the trailer was released and headed to Guavaberry! Protocol though requires a customs officer be present when you open a trailer on property, and one wasn’t available until after 4:00! The suspense was killing us! The customs officer finally made it after 5pm, and witnessed Ian cutting the bolt on the trailer door. We pride open the door and nearly started an avalanche of boxes straight onto the customs officer’s head! Pretty sure that would not have landed us in the good books, but Ian’s catlike reflexes saved the day and we live to open more trailers in the future.


Turn now to Thursday morning, 8 am. We can FINALLY see and unload our furniture and start loading up Mango. Yes folks, Mango is now completed too! Also down to the wire, but do you expect anything different at this point?

Back to the furniture saga. We had hoped that the furniture would have been loaded in somewhat organized… but no. Chair up front, table over there, table top on the other side. Guests are arriving at 1:00 so time’s a tickin’! In true Guavaberry fashion though, we got it done! Sure, we might have forgotten to finish the plumbing for some essential bathroom fixtures, but we know how much Vincent likes to greet guests. (Even if it’s while he is hooking pipes up to the back of a toilet.) He is a professional, through and through. We must say a special thank you to the first official guests in Mango for being so understanding. They had no problem heading out for lunch, groceries and a swim before getting into the house a few hours after arrival.

Today we can take a bit more of a leisurely pace since the other Deltec’s guests don’t arrive until this weekend. Yes, we will double check the plumbing this time.

Also officially back open as of Thursday this week is La Cachette. It is absolutely beautiful. The house has new furnishings, a newly remodeled kitchen, new art work, and a few structural improvements. One of our favorites… an entry to the master bedroom from the main house! Sounds silly but this will really work for families with young children. Mom and Dad can stay in the master and the kids can stay in the den. If you travel with another family then you also have the two upper bedrooms with twin beds in one side and a queen in the other.


The Studio has also had a complete overhaul. Even the name! We are now calling it La Cachette Cottage :). An extended deck and a pool just top off the cottage and take it over the top. Plantings between the cottage and the main house provide great privacy too if you want to rent the cottage separately for just two people. Professional photos will be added shortly to the website, but for now here is a sneak peak!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have to sign off now and get back to work. Just a few more days until Christmas and there is much to do. We will be closed after 9:30 on Christmas Day. We think we will deserve the day off by then, don’t you?! Merry Christmas in advance to everyone. Take it easy on the Eggnog… at this rate we will need more than our fair share!

5 thoughts on “Ready or Not, Here We Go!

  1. Congratulations to you all for a job well done! It’s hard to believe just two short weeks ago we were there witnessing the flurry of construction activity and now it is all complete. We are so happy for you and look forward to our return next November to see what’s next! Happy Holidays!


  2. “Yes you may take a few hours off”!!!! We are starting to count the weeks till we will be back to Guavaberry, our home away from home, and on our beloved V.G. again. Iain and I wish you all a wonderful, calm and fun Christmas, and that 2019 will be a great year. Hugs to everyone.


  3. I’m so glad you kept the turquoise wall and the happy, colorful bedspread. I love it!!
    Happy Family, Friends and Holiday times.


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