Full Swing

The holidays are over and the January crowd is here. Virgin Gorda is finally starting to feel “normal” again. The week after the holidays is always a little quiet. It gives everyone a minute to gear up for a the rest of a busy winter season. We still have a few openings in February for anyone looking for a last minute escape from the cold! Come on down! The weather is great, the beaches beautiful and we are ready to see everyone! But what is there to do this season you ask?

For one… EAT! Many of the restaurants are back open. Some have brought back their entertainment schedule too. Bath & Turtle has a weekly Caribbean Buffet on Wednesday nights with choices ranging from baked chicken, grouper, macaroni pie and BBQ ribs. They also have Marlon playing Steel Pan for the evening. The price is under $30 AND you get a free rum (or fruit) punch. Leverick Bay has Happy Arrr Monday – Wednesday from 5-7 where you can enjoy the Michael Beans Pirate Show. Great fun for the kiddies while still adult appropriate. Pack an eye patch if you like! Pirates not your thing? They also have their Friday night beach BBQ with a live band and a Moko Jumbie show. What are Moko Jumbies? Glad you asked! They are stilt dancers! Now, they don’t just dance around. They do tricks too! Ever seen a guy (or gal) hop on ONE stilt (which I might add are made out of 2×4 pieces of lumber) WHILE they hold the second stilt behind their head? Yeah… didn’t think so. Head to Leverick Bay on a Friday to see that and many more incredible stunts. If you’re lucky one might even take a dip in the pool… WITH STILTS! Looking for a quieter evening? Coco Maya is hosting a wine pairing dinner next week. Fine wine, gourmet food pairings and that setting?! Sounds pretty perfect to us. We have been to a couple in the past, and from what we can remember after multiple pours, it was all delicious.


When you are ready to work off some of your dining indulgences there is plenty to do during the day. We still have our snorkel equipment for rent at the office. Snorkel right off Spring Bay or you can take a snorkel trip with Bradley Boats. They offer various destinations from Cooper Island, Jost Van Dyke, and in and around the North Sound. What to get a little more personal with the fishies? Dive BVI is fully functional and ready to take you “under da sea”. Please tell me you sang that line… because darlin’ it’s betta down where it’s wetta… take it from me! Okay we’re done now… promise. Up on the shore they work all day… okay really… we’re done now. Back to water activities… paddle boards and Kayaks are available from both SeaLingo and Blue Rush Water Sports. Both companies will deliver to you at the beach and we can arrange that for you. Blue Rush also has Hobie Cats, Jet Skis and a Fly Board. Never heard of Fly Boarding? Neither had we, and I don’t think any of us will actually be able to give you a personal review of it because well… we are cowards! Fly Boarding is not for the faint of heart. Take a wake board, let go of the boat rope, and now attach a jet pack to your board… THAT is fly board! We are brave enough to play in the winter ground seas… but we will take a pass on fly board thanks. We still encourage you to take a go at it though. We live vicariously through your vacations 🙂

How about getting a little closer to nature? Join Gumption on his Necker Island Nature tour. Dates are limited so we encourage you to book early. A newly popular excursion is Kelly’s Land and Sea Tour based in Anegada. You get a  full day tour (or half if you choose the sea tour only) and see flamingos, iguanas, conch island, and even get to try your hand at catching lobsters and conch! What you do with your lobsters are up to you… we promote catch and release … but it’s your choice if the water you release them in is a fresh 80 degrees or a steady rolling boil!

After all this activity you will deserve a rest. Head out for a massage or mani pedi at one of the many spas, or lap up the luxury at Oil Nut Bay. You can book in there for lunch and enjoy their pool and beach. Keep your eyes peeled for turtles on the boat ride over too.

Of course, if reading all this has you tired already, you can just opt to pack up the cooler, grab a book, a blue beach chair and head to the beach. Don’t forget to stop into the commissary for a Dove bar on your way down!

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