Where Did January Go!

We hope all of you up north are staying warm. We hear you have had some miserable weather! The weather hear is nice and toasty, though a bit nippy when it drops down to 75 in the evenings. Brrr!

Thanks to your snow storm we have a ground sea running down here. Lovely to watch, but not for the faint of heart to swim in. It should only last a couple of days we are told. Then the water will be good for snorkeling again… that is unless Mother Nature blasts the USA with more of her winter fury.

We are beginning to welcome our February regulars back again. Where did January go?! And with February upon us that means one thing… Super Bowl! There are always some great watch parties on Virgin Gorda. The top ones being at Bath & Turtle, Coco Maya and Leverick Bay. We don’t know diddly squat about sports, but we do love to see the anticipation on everyone’s faces. For those who do not win, a pina colada or three will numb the pain away.

Baby Lennon came to visit the office on Thursday. He would have come sooner, but he was on quarantine while Valerie recovers from a cold and Michelle and Connor from the stomach flu. Once Granny lifted the quarantine he was over in a flash. Connor woke up from his nap just in time to meet his newest cousin. He was quite excited and squealing with glee. Granny literally had her hands full.

The push is on this week as we get everything in order to start loading up Flamboyant for its grand opening on February first. The ladies were out scrubbing patio furniture … after the guys remembered where they had it all stored. The crews are still furiously painting, trimming bushes, hanging doors and laying tiles (yes, those counter top tiles arrived on Wednesday!). The end is in sight, and you guessed it… it’s going to come right down to the wire! Hey, at least we are predictable! So, stay tuned next week and maybe… just maybe… we will get some finished pictures!

5 thoughts on “Where Did January Go!

  1. We had a wonderful two weeks there in January! You all have done an amazing job getting Guavaberry put back together! Everything was just perfect! Thanks for working so hard!

    Steve and Mary Wright


  2. That picture of Granny Tina with her two little loves is so beautiful!! I so wish we were visiting this year, but can’t wait to see all the changes next year!


  3. Love the picture of Tina with the two precious babes!! Yes our weather here has been a doozy with temps down to 5 and windchill making it much colder. Our fuel lines froze ( all thawed out now) and it only makes getting to Guavaberry more of a dream! We can’t wait till ( next) year.


  4. We are on a count down now to meeting these beautiful babes. Only 7 weeks to go.The anticipation is above and beyond….back to our glorious V.G. and our beloved Guavaberry. Need anything brought down, I remember the days that Betty would ask us to bring down several things…cant remember what, but do remember toys for you Michelle and Christine!! Love to everyone. C and I.


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