Hello August!

Does anyone else feel like time is flying? We have NO idea where July went. We have been steadily busy so that has helped the time pass so quickly. This week we got to enjoy a visit from our Puerto Rican neighbors. They have an annual event called Christmas in July where they host a massive beach party at Pond Bay. While we didn’t personally attend, we had many guests who came in for the event. It sounds like it was a great success. We enjoyed having an almost full house for that weekend, and who doesn’t like a good party?


Now that the party is over we are winding down for the slow slow season. We are excited though to welcome back Mac and Denise. They were two of the four guests who rode out Irma with us and were a major help in the initial clean up. They haven’t visited since they were evacuated a few days after the storm so it is amazing to see them again.

On the construction side of things, the foundation for Plum has been poured. It’s an amazing sight to see the concrete pump truck in action. It’s like a real life over sized video game. Now that it is set and the forms are off, it gets to cure for eight weeks.


The foundation for Lime tree is being formed by Princess Quarters while they await the shingles and siding for Gardenia. Once Lime is formed and poured the Deltecs will hopefully be here. Princess Quarters will be putting those up too.

Tina’s house is taking great shape. The center post is up to mark the center of the roof line. The beams for the rafters were delivered this week, and arrangements have been made for the logistics of getting concrete to the site. For those of you who don’t know where Tina’s house is, it’s en route to the beach. The road up is narrow, curvy, and has rocks on each turn. Needless to say neither a concrete truck nor a pump truck can make it up there. So, it’s going to have to be a well orchestrated ballet from a concrete truck, to a backhoe, to buckets poured by hand. I think for all the guys working on the house it is turning into a true labor of love. They are all very attentive and making sure everything is done to Tina’s standard… and you all know how high THAT is!

Tina and Ian are off on the first shopping trip to get the tiles, kitchen, bathrooms etc. Usually Michelle would get to take that trip, but alas Connor isn’t a great shopping partner. So, Ian is in charge to make sure Tina steps a little outside her normal comfort zone. After 28 years of her original 1989 Formica kitchen and the ORIGINAL fridge, and two years at the tiny office kitchen, it is time to get something shiny and new and maybe a little fancy. One thing we know for sure, no matter how persuasive Ian is, Tina will not come home with an 80″ TV!

On the baby side of the news, Lennon came for another day with granny this month. He’s getting to be such a big boy already… a whopping 17 lbs already! Connor is a mere 24 lbs and a full year older, so he’d better look out! They did have a lovely day together and shared Granny very well. Roxy enjoyed babysitting too it seems. Lennon is teething, so to save her fingers being used as chew toys, Michelle came up with a pretty genius set up so she could get some work done.  You have to get pretty creative in our office! We promise it didn’t go back on the commissary shelf.

We hope you all have a great weekend. We are headed into the longest long weekend of the year – the Emancipation Festival! We will tell you all about it in a few weeks!

3 thoughts on “Hello August!

  1. Great post and progress. Thanks so much for continuing to take the time out to publish these updates. We enjoy them emensely!


  2. We so agree with Lynn. Iain and I are really hoping to be back to see all the final rebuilding. Age IS catching up with ‘tho!! Here is hoping and keeping our fingers crossed.


  3. Thank you for your kind words. We are thrilled to return and see the tremendous recovery of the entire island and especially Guavaberry. The rebuilding and recovery at GSB is a such a tribute to Tina and her team. The “new” GSB is beautiful, but the “old and established” GSB hospitality is the same, possibly enhanced with gratitude being able to welcome guests after such devastation. Everything is green and growing! GSB has always held a special place in our hearts; but having gone thru Irma, that friendship and love have only deepened. ❤️❤️❤️


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