Raise the roof(s)!

Those nasty “h” things have steered clear of Virgin Gorda this month thank goodness! The clear weather has allowed us to make great progress on Plum and Lime. BOTH houses are up! Princess Quarters’ guys are working at super speeds. Kind of like our little construction super heroes. Think they would wear capes for Halloween? It’s pretty spectacular to see what a difference a month makes.

Windows are still scheduled to ship in December so we are doing as much as possible now to be ready for their arrival. Obviously we can’t just tarp up the gaping holes and just complete everything so we literally just pop in the windows and hand over keys to our guests, but it would be pretty cool if we could!

Tina’s house has a roof on, and water shield. I’m sure the crew working there is happy to finally have some shade. It has been blisteringly hot over the last few months, and we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the “Christmas winds” to cool things down a bit.

Tina and Michelle are taking a quick run to Puerto Rico to try and find some tiles for the bathrooms at Tina’s house. Well, that’s the excuse they used anyway. Really… they are going to indulge in some delicious Puerto Rican food (mofongo, yum!) and frozen cocktails by the hotel pool.

The past few weeks we had the pleasure of Lennon’s company at the office a couple of times per week. He loves to visit with granny and auntie… mainly because he gets to eat banana. The one food his mommy doesn’t allow in the house. Christine can’t stand them! But never fear… Granny and Auntie are here!! He is also a big fan of Connor’s play pen. So many new and exciting things in there!

Connor has been doing amazingly at school. He is starting to speak a bit now, and his favorite word this month is “tractor”. Luckily for him there is still a lot of heavy equipment running around properly so he gets to go and see those… and he thinks every yellow machine is a tractor! I really hope his next word isn’t something like antelope…. where are we going to find one of those?

2 thoughts on “Raise the roof(s)!

  1. Please don’t let Mac know that I am about to rob the cradle and go after 2 very cute much younger males!

    So happy to see that the Guavaberry rebuild is almost finished. The final icing on the cake will be the completion of Tina’s house!


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