Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. We are so thankful for all of your continued support.

We are busy little bees down here. Our first taste of tourist season is in full gear now with lots of families in house. Some are even in their fourth generation visiting Guavaberry. It’s so fun to see the little kiddos playing just like Christine and Michelle used to play when they were small. Connor and Lennon are really getting the hang of it.

While everyone is at the beach, elsewhere construction is still in full swing. We are trying to get as much done as we can without windows. Shingles are going on, gutters are being hung, and I believe tiles are even being prepared to lay. Hard to really know what’s going on on the inside… ladders are not in this year’s job description for the office ladies… thank goodness! Once they have stairs going up to Plum and Lime we will give you a full update.


This coming winter you will see a few new faces in the housekeeping department. We had two ladies resign for personal reasons, so we have had to do some quick hiring. We will miss Lydia and Elsa Maria, but we wish them all the best in their next endeavors. We have already welcomed Ithea to our Guavaberry family. She comes with a wealth of experience, having worked at Valley Trunk for 30 years! We will be welcoming two more as soon as their work permits are approved. They are both from Santo Domingo so hopefully Connor and Lennon can pick up some Spanish when they start “helping out” around the property when they are a little older.

This past weekend we got to enjoy the BVI Food Fete’s “Taste of Virgin Gorda”. This is an annual event held every November. If you haven’t come down for it, you must! Amazing food, great music, a great mix of people from near and far. They had 16 chefs from the BVI, Puerto Rico and the USA. Each chef prepared a tasting plate and you got to try them ALL! Now, we all have pretty hefty appetites but even we had to tap out after about 12. Sooo muuuuch foooood! Ok, so maybe we made a couple of extra stops at the Little Dix Bay Pastry table, but she did have three selections of tarts to choose from. We are extra excited now for Little Dix Bay to open just so we can have more of those tarts!

(Photo credit BVI Food Fete)

As our luck would have it, this pastry chef’s husband is a hairstylist, and he is now working at ‘Ello Hair Studio… which just happens to be David’s (Lennon’s dad) salon. So, perhaps we might be invited to a potluck or something at Christine and David’s house. They bring the pastry chef, we’ll bring forks… sounds like a good deal to me!

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving !

  1. Dear Tina, Michelle, and Valerie Thanks for keeping us on the Guavabelievit mailing list. We love to read about all that you are doing. And a very Happy day after Thanksgiving to all of you! Peggy and Dave Bruton


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