Climbing Up, Growing up and Dressing Up

It was only a matter of time before the guys had to tell Tina where the ladders we to get into Plum and Lime. They finally let us in! They have made great progress despite the delay with the windows.


Speaking of windows… they are finally here!

Tina and Michelle had to be called up to the construction sites to determine where the decks should go. Of course, while they were there they added a few special touches… back decks! The guest bedrooms at both houses will each have a private deck. Perfect for escaping the afternoon sun, or having a little quiet time.

The windows and kitchen for Tina’s house have also arrived. The crew on her house are plodding along. The inside walls are plastered and they are nearly finished plastering the outside too. Shingles are going on, tiles are on site. Bathroom vanities are the latest task. Trying to match tiles, doors and vanities when nothing is stored in the same spot isn’t easy… but we are up for the challenge.

While we were out measuring for said vanities, Tina decided to peak at her roof. The Forman told Tina that she should just go right up onto the scaffolding for a better view… but I don’t think he actually thought she would! He obviously didn’t know he was talking to!


From up ladders and scaffolding, we also took some time out to dress up. Tina was invited to the grand opening of Little Dix Bay… and Michelle was the lucky one to go as her guest. There was a lovely turnout for the evening. They had opening speeches and ribbon cutting before welcoming everyone to explore the property. The gardens are amazing ! Thankfully the iconic banyan tree at the entrance is still there too. Hors deurves were plentiful, champagne was flowing… though Tina and Michelle opted for juice , and the desserts were lovely. They even ran into Lydia, who worked at Guavaberry for 12 years in the housekeeping department. It was so nice to see her again!

January is also a special birthday month. Connor turned 2 and Lennon Turned 1! No idea where the time has gone. Connor is now going to nursery full days, and is patiently waiting for Lennon to start walking so he can join him. Perhaps Lennon knows the deal and is just pretending not to know how to walk yet…. because he sure can work those two feet to get some goldfish.


Connors birthday party was held at the beach and Lennon’s was supposed to be too, but we had a massive ground sea that day so plans got washed out. Didn’t think it was a wise idea to have toddlers on the beach when the waves were coming past the trees! It was quite the show to watch though.

Within the next few weeks we are hoping to finish up Gardenia. Haven’t been in that one for a while despite there being stairs. What fun are stairs anyway?! We are ladders pros now. from what we hear all that is really left to on that one is pop the windows in, so stay tuned for a grand reveal!

3 thoughts on “Climbing Up, Growing up and Dressing Up

  1. First off…can’t believe the Guavababies are already one and two! They are definitely cuties!

    So happy to hear that you are starting to see that glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel! It’s been a long road of recovery and rebuilding, but you have accomplished so much! Can’t wait to see the new Gardenia, as well as, the other remaining 2 cottages. However, the finale will be Tina’s house! She won’t know what to do with all the space after living in the office for the past 2 1/2 years…..and we hope that she doesn’t mind the longer commute! ❤️🤗


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