What a LOVEly month!

February is the month of chocolates, flowers and love songs, but for us we prefer the music of tile cutting and sweet scent of sawdust.

Plum and lime have tiles being laid and patio foundations being formed. Soon, very soon, there will actually be stairs!

What does have stairs? Gardenia! Gardenia also has a front door, windows, tiles, bathroom, kitchen, patio, air conditioner and lights! That’s right ladies and gentleman… it’s DONE! At least the construction anyway. Just a few finishing touches to add in… furniture, blinds, dishes and utensils. We have to order a few bits of artwork still, but that won’t stop us from renting it if we need to! It’s so exciting to be one step closer to completion of phase 2!

Tina’s house is also progressing quite well. Windows and sliding doors are in! The wood for the inside of the ceiling has been taken offsite to get a coat of stain, pool plans have started to get drawn up, and the shingles are nearly on all four sections of the roof. The next step will be laying tiles… and if they aren’t careful they will find Tina “glamping” in her house one of these days. Her bed is here and she can get pretty creative on a bbq I’m sure.


February has also seen the return of many, many familiar faces. We were basically full all month which was amazing! Thank you to everyone who returned and all the new guests we got to welcome to Guavaberry. We still have a few more weeks until it starts to quiet down and we can take a breath. We will need the little break as there are some BIG changes coming this summer… stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “What a LOVEly month!

  1. SO MANY congrats. to you all. Our beloved Guavaberry is very nearly THERE! Will be in touch, as we would love to have a family reunion in Autumn or next Spring. Wish we were there now!


  2. What beautiful sights to behold!!!! We love Gardenia (and that new patio area) and are happy to see that she will welcome guests soon. We could not be happier for Tina and her new house! We can’t wait to see GsB “whole” once again. Bravo, our wonderful friends!


  3. Lovely to hear all your news. We have been on “house arrest” ( by Pip and Karen) for nearly 3 weeks now, but we are healthy and happy in our MD condo. Think of you all so often. Stay healthy and happy please, we will be in touch re Autumn / Spring 2021. Fingers crossed. Iain and I send our love and Blessings to you all on Virgin Gorda and especially the Guavaberry family. Christine.


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