What a month!

Well, to say the least, this has been one of the most mind boggling months. Going into March we were well aware of the potential effect that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) would have on reservations, but we didn’t expect a complete shutdown!

Earlier in the month guest started asking about what the situation was like in the real world, and preparing themselves for their trips home at the end of the month. Within days the cancellations started. One here and there, and then upwards of ten per day. We won’t lie, it stings! Every time the caller ID showed an overseas number we cringed. 

Soon the guests in house decided it was time to get back home before things really heated up. We helped them to get flights rearranged and bid adieu to everyone. Staring at the blank reservation board we weren’t sure what we would do with ourselves. We thought we could request deposits for winter reservations, but quickly remembered that the USA is closing up as quickly as the BVI. Without an end date on site for the global situation we just have to keep our fingers crossed that the cancellations don’t push past the summer.

Fast forward a few more days, the BVI government officially closed the borders first to just non residents and non work permit holders, then a few days later they closed the borders for EVERYONE! Drastic? Yes. The right move? Most certainly. So we figured with that move we would just keep going as normal. Think again! Close the schools. What?! We swear you could hear the entire community cry out in fear… what are we to do without school? Thankfully Connor and Lennon’s daddies were gung-ho to go full on stay at home dad mode. Both Christine and Michelle take after Tina and tend to work too much. 

Well, things seemed to then be smoothing out. The kids were taken care of, we dug up work for everyone to do. Got some deep cleaning done. Then they hit us again! Curfew? What, are we sixteen? Okay, cool we can reminisce on our teenage years and play along. Wait, what? TWENTY FOUR hour curfew?! Starting in TWO days? Didn’t see that one coming! 

After a wide range of emotions from confused, to dumbfounded, to angry, to terrified of being forced to put our feet up, we eventually got to the point of acceptance and understanding. They say it’s only for five days, and other countries have been through much longer. So we stocked up with as much food as we would need …. side note… even the grocery stores are closed, you aren’t allowed to even take out the trash to the nearest bin, and dog walks are to be brief. Not even allowed to go to the beach. Now we all just sit and wait. 

As of March 30th the BVI has three confirmed Coronavirus cases (all imported) and we are waiting on some other results to come back. We are keeping our fingers crossed they come back negative and they will release us from our cages. Until then, have no other choice but to relax. 


We do deserve a bit of downtime anyway. We have been busy finishing Gardenia! Yes, just in time to have no one coming in for at least a month. Ugh, there’s the stinging feeling again. 

Lime is taking this week to cure the concrete footings for the deck. So really not wasting time there we guess. We are itchy for the deck to be complete so they can finally build the stairs. Then there is no keeping Tina out! Look out guys! 

We know you must have read all of that above and wondered, but where are the pictures? Sorry! Been a blur of a month as we are sure it must be for many of you too. We just didn’t get out around the property as much as we usually do, and now since we are housebound, and very law abiding citizens, we can’t run and take any! 😦 

Instead, enjoy a little collage of randomness 🙂 

4 thoughts on “What a month!

  1. Thanks for the post. We also have time on our hands. It will be 2 weeks Thursday since Mark and I said goodbye to your beautiful island…seems like an eternity. It was mind boggling to come back to such a changed world. Hope all of you stay healthy and safe!!


  2. Thanks for a great update. As fellow Innkeepers we are suffering through the same cancellations. Our problem is it’s the beginning of our season! All April has canceled and we’re pretty sure we will lose May. Not sure about summer. And of course our beach strand is closed so we can only sit on the porch to goof off! We hope to see you in January!


  3. Same here in PA, I am not allowed out to go see Len in his nursing home and this is going to continue till at least May.hope your all well.


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