Miss Us?

Oops! We somehow managed to miss a month! Frankly, there just wasn’t all that much new to talk about.  Life is SUPER quiet here. Our borders are still closed and there hasn’t been any update as to when they will reopen. On one hand, we are eagerly awaiting the day we can welcome you and our other lovely visitors back, but on the other hand we completely agree with them being closed. We are happily COVID free in the BVI and would like to keep it that way for as long as possible. We are all still adhering to social distancing rules and wearing our masks (the kids too… see how cute they are!) to keep in practice for when the borders do open. 


Even though we don’t have any international tourists, we are getting occasional “staycationers” from Tortola. This weekend is the busiest weekend for the summer as it is the Emancipation holiday long weekend. FIVE DAY weekend! Usually there are lots of festivities in Tortola including international musical acts, food fairs, parades and street parties, but this year everyone seems to be coming to Virgin Gorda for a change of scenery. Bonus for us!

On the construction side of things, Lime Tree is done! Well, 99% done. At the last minute we decided that we hated the stairs and their position so we decided to move them. they were going straight up along the left side of the deck, but we felt it encroached a little on Plum next door. Now the stairs come up to the front of the deck, and there are a couple of landings on the way up to take a breather. Much better we think!


Plum is progressing very nicely too. There was a lot of back and forth with the deck and stairs, but we think we got it right. Hard to design a deck when you are standing on the ground!

Now that construction is wrapping up (Hooray!!) we can push on in the gardens. Verdan is still doing a wonderful job, and we hope you’ll be able to see the results of her hard work soon. We are extremely excited to see the new plants start to fill in.

Tina’s house is coming along beautifully. The pool is being formed, the tiles are down inside, the cedar plank ceiling is in, interior doors are on site, and exterior paint colour has been chosen. We even got some of the interior lights already.

We do have a new part time addition to the office. Meet Nova. Michelle decided that Connor needed a sister 🙂 so a quick trip to Tortola resulted in this! She is super cute …. until she pees everywhere. And we mean EVERYWHERE. How one small creature could hold so much liquid is a mystery. Think we should put a new sign on the door… “if you let her in, you clean it up”. Roxy is pretending to not be so keen on her, but we do see her wag her tail on occasion so she will warm up…. we hope. Pearl is delightfully oblivious to her since she’s pretty blind now. Somehow Nova just knows Pearl is off limits and leaves her be.

Nova is also a trooper in weather. We had a hefty storm (the precursor to Isaias) this week and she refused to come inside the house. She found a nice sheltered spot on the patio and napped most of the day. We have had some bizarre weather lately: a ground swell in June, the “potential tropical cyclone 9” that eventually became Isaias, to Saharan dust so thick you couldn’t even see Gorda Peak from the Valley! Hopefully for this long weekend it will be back to blue skies and clear calm water just as we like it best.

3 thoughts on “Miss Us?

  1. So fun to see the progress.. It brings back so many memories of what a beautiful island you have.  So many good times there. I suspect Edith let people know Jack (Kimball) passed Jan 20 from ALS.  The kids are adorable and I’m sure they give you hours of fun but also some care taking along the way.  We couldn’t have picked a better location to vacation all those years.  Barb Kimball


  2. Tina- you are just as sweet, cool, and cute like a mint julep as the first time we visted you in 1979! Your story and pictures are very happy and fun. The grandkids are great and the doggies too. Lucy must be related to Verdan as Lucy keeps 100 pots and containers and flowing shrubs all over the place and this year we have great tomatoes and peppers. Her annuals last a long time too and the callilillies are so tall and bouganvilla so red but prickly too.
    Lime tree sounds good and of course you left the sign in the bathroom that say “In this land of Sun and Fun, we never flush for number one, or was that blown away sadly.
    Hoping a vaccine and cure comes along in 2021 so we can get back to Casa Luna. I am so glad you have time for your family now. Unfortunately we are in Pasadena California but Joel and his family are in Phoenix with the grandkids Jackson and Savannah. Cool names but its 115 in the summer.- we arent able to see them till after this problem goes away but the 4 of them have each other.
    Well with Maria Irma Covid and Trump we are skunked


  3. Everything is looking so wonderful! Plum and Lime will be beautiful; with their completion, all units will be “back on line”. Verdan’s landscaping will be amazing! We are most excited for Tina’s house. We know that she put her house on the back burner to get the rental houses back up and running. It is going to be spectacular! The pool is such a wonderful addition, and we know will provide great family times and memories. We can’t wait to see pictures as the house nears completion. We know that Tina’s house is the final project post Irma. As such, does that mean Guavabelieveit 2.0 will be coming to an end?

    P.S. Nova is very cute! We just hope she can quickly learn where to pee!


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