A Quick Hello

Just popping in to say hello to everyone. We miss you! Yes, YOU! The one reading this. Yup, you right there.

While the start of August was busy, we are now closed again. We are so thankful to those staycationers who enjoyed spending time with us this summer. The August long weekend we were almost full!

Over the past two weeks everyone’s anxiety levels have been off the charts. First, tropical storm Laura came rolling in. At the same time, the BVI rumor mill was in full swing and chatter was flying around about a potential lockdown again. We all remember the shopping madness before the first lockdown, so we quietly started a pantry stockpile but at the same time hoped it wasn’t true. Forward a few days, and we are put on a 7pm – 5am curfew. Okay, that we can handle.

Getting into the groove of the new curfew and the rumor mills are churning again. Again, lockdown chatter. Okay… few more pantry supplies into the shopping cart. Government announces an adjustment to the curfew to 5pm – 5am and all non-essential businesses (hotels, bars, restaurants, retail stores etc.) must close. Wow, okay. Dodged that lockdown bullet again. Carry on.

Forward on now 5 days later, we wake up to a press release from the Premier saying to prepare for the possibility of an immediate 14 day 24 hour complete lockdown. Cabinet will be meeting at 4 pm to decide, and an announcement will follow later this evening. Are you serious?! At this point if we were hooked up to EKGs the lines would be off the paper. Check the clock, 6:45am… shops open at 7am, maybe not everyone has read this press release yet. Run to the grocery store! 7:15 in line at the store, 12th outside of the door… not bad considering. Everyone’s speculating about the looming decision…. to do or not to do, that is the question.

The wait all day for the announcement was excruciating. Stomachs in knots, nervous enough to eat a cow but anxious enough to have no appetite at the same time. Constantly checking the time, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm no news. We are surprised the BVI didn’t break Facebook the amount of times everyone must have been refreshing their page. Shortly after 9 pm the government posts… live update scheduled for 11 AM tomorrow! This is worse than waiting for exam results to come in!

After a long sleepless night we are back to clock watching until 11am…. Island time, of course, so maybe 11:30? Wait, it’s 11:10 and there’s the Governor! Well done, Gus, for not keeping us waiting too long. Governor Jaspert is at the lectern and takes a breath… insert drumroll …. NO LOCKDOWN!! I think you could hear cheers all the way from Anegada!

That said, we do have a strict curfew put in place and they sound serious about this one. We must remain at home from 1pm to 5am daily for two weeks, and all non-essential businesses remain closed. We will oblige (as we always do). Thankfully we can still take the boys out to run around as the beaches are also still open until noon daily. Guavaberry will remain closed until we get the notice that we are allowed to reopen. On the bright side… we will be enjoying daily afternoon naps, working on reading everything in the library, and doing some occasional baking again. What should our curfew bake-off theme be?

7 thoughts on “A Quick Hello

  1. Hi Tina and all. Even though we visited only 3 times 2006 7 and 8 we still remember it with love as our 2 weeks there each year we’re so special. Would love to get back one day. Norm and Jo-Ann Ecker


  2. Oh boy, not as bad as before but still not where you want to be. Best of luck to all of you!!! Here in the states, people are still ignoring all the warnings…so disappointing!!!


  3. Thinking of you! Thanks for the update and good luck.

    Rosann Anderson

    > > > guavabelieveit posted: “Just popping in to say hello to everyone. We miss you! Yes, YOU! The one reading this. Yup, you right there. While the start of August was busy, we are now closed again. We are so thankful to those staycationers who enjoyed spending time with us this sum” >


  4. On the bright side, you shouldn’t need manicures—your nails must be bitten to the quick! We empathize with your having to wait on the edge of your seats for the yes or no. Glad to hear that the boys can let off some steam at the beach. Our grandson Willem, you may remember him from our most recent La Cachette visit, who normally lives in Hong Kong, has been in the States since February. Rather than continuing with his online school back home (8 pm start for him and into the wee hours; for his classmates, of course, school starts at 8 am), he will go to the local school and is “super excited.” The poor child has had almost zero interaction with anyone near his age; no wonder he looks forward to opening day on Tuesday—half day, lunch at home, then language class online and perhaps one other in the afternoon. Let’s hope that this continues without incident. Life is so uncertain these days.

    We appreciate the updates and had been wondering how you were all faring. Is Tina’s house finished? That will be a happy moment if not yet.

    Thinking of you…Fondly, Anne


  5. Cannot imagine how difficult this has been for you all. Hope this latest curfew stems the spread and future outbreaks are stopped at the border. Patiently waiting for when (hopefully not if) we will be welcomed back to your beautiful home. Stay safe my friends!


  6. We are so sorry you have to go through this again. Hope once it is over you can open for good. Stay well and relax while you can. Dede Shannon and family


  7. Well, what can we say……that has not already been said? All of us are in panic/ boredom mode. Pip on her own on an island off the Carolina’s trying to find her crew accommodation to film, Karen has had no work since April, Nick our son, and Kelly get married on their own (up some Mt. in Colorado) 2 weeks today!! Iain and I haven’t had contact with anyone….except by the …wonderful phone and TV! Trying to plan a family (honeymoon) get together at our beloved Guavaberry next ????? Think of you all SO often, can’t believe our luck to have “found” you all so many years ago,Christine I think you were about 5 and Michelle you were?? Iain and I stayed in the caravan with Betty. It was unforgettable…….and still is. Stay healthy, safe and this too will pass. Love Christine and Iain G.


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