Pearl’s Notes…

Greetings from under The Ixora hedge. The perfect spot to keep an eye on everyone’s activities. Yes, you read the headline correctly! Pearl’s notes… the Guavaberry version of Coles Notes!


It has been a whirlwind of activity around here so I had to step in for this week. Those little young pups have trouble keeping up sometimes when their noses are buried in peanut butter jars! That’s the trick Mom uses to keep them quiet.

Town and Country Planning has given their official approval of the plans for the Detlec houses so it is full steam ahead for the guys. That big funny looking machine has taken down six houses already! I think they call it an excavator… but all I know is that it’s loud so I am staying away from it. I just hope they don’t scare the chickens too much, that’s my job!

Like tree down

Mom has been keeping everyone in line as usual. Her desk is piled high with paperwork, but at least she hasn’t buried my treats under there.

I have heard Valerie is also buried under paper! Something about making a list of all the furnishings and supplies that go into every house!? Every time I go in there I hear them calling out random items to make sure nothing gets left off the list… cork screws, coat hangers, ice buckets, plungers, the list goes on. Phew I can’t even imagine. Once there are those nice, small white “plunge pools” on the deck for me though I am happy. Some people rinse their feet into my pools but I am okay with sharing.

Michelle is still out of the office for a few more weeks I hear. She does come by a few times a week to visit me and let everyone cuddle Sir Connor. I give him a sniff here and there for now, but he’s still a little to small to throw me a toy so I will keep my distance. He does have some nice toys though that people sent for him. I just hope MY people remember a toy for me when they come soon. I do hear we have guests starting to book again to come and see me and I can’t wait!

Connor seven weeks

The sun has started shining into my hole here under these Ixora bushes so it is time for me to make my way under moms car. Unfortunately the WiFi doesn’t reach under there so I will have to sign off. Sending belly rubs to everyone!


3 thoughts on “Pearl’s Notes…

  1. Thank you for this update, Pearl! We were hoping you’d get your turn as a GuavaBelieveIt reporter, and it was worth the wait. Excellent job; you made us feel like we were right there in front of the office, looking for you under the Ixora hedge or under Tina’s car! Can’t wait until we’re there for real!! We’re looking forward to seeing the results of all that hard work by Tina, Valerie, and the big machines – we’ll miss the original houses, but are excited to see the Deltecs, complete with your favorite white plunge pools on the decks. Glad to hear your treats haven’t been buried beneath all the paperwork, though we have it for a fact that two of your biggest fans and very favorite guests from Chicago will be visiting you in June, so you’ll probably be needing more room on your treats shelf and in your toy box 🙂 And don’t worry, Connor’s growing so fast, he’ll be able to toss your toys for you before you know it! Lots of hugs and belly rubs to you (and Roxy and Moki, too!), a head-scratch for Mr.T, and love to everyone else.


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