Progress all over!

Wow! Everywhere we turn this week there is so much progress being made.

The concrete has been poured for the cistern at Mango. Some asked why we are building the houses literally from the ground up, and the answer is: 50 year old concrete under new concrete foundation = bad idea… so we were told. So, we took the professional advice of our many contractors on site and are building safe, sturdy foundations.


Jasmine is quickly taking shape too. The cistern is complete and they are getting ready to pour the foundation that the Deltec will be built on. Keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks… construction of the actual house starts soon! Our “Deltec guy” is arriving soon to train the local contractors in the proper assembly of these new homes.


Around the corner, Cashew is also being reborn. Mermaid Pools is in charge of this one too. They have started to form out the shape of the house and location for the pillars. No cistern on this one. Thanks to Ludwig many of the houses actually share water systems! So, when one cistern runs dry, all it takes is the turn of a valve (or ten) and voila! Water! Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of the “old”  Cashew. Putting them all together really helped us position the new one perfectly! And bonus… we even think we can improve the view!!


Palm has also had its facelift outside. It is looking shiny and new! We are still waiting on the new kitchen inside though so still a while to go before it will be open to guests.  I must say, it’s wonderful to have a freshly painted house as the first thing you see when you drive on property.


Also nearing completion are Frangipani, Cedar and Guavaberry. Inside walls have all been replaced, kitchens are being installed and bathroom tiles have been chosen. Have we gone retro-chic? Classic? Modern? You’ll need to wait and see!

Work is underway at Tamarind too, so don’t think we forgot about that one! Interior Walls, kitchen, deck, windows, roof… nothing has been left untouched!


Phew! Tired yet?? We sure are! Back out to the heat we go though. Gotta keep pushing through if we’re to see your smiling faces again soon!

4 thoughts on “Progress all over!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS…….VERY IMPRESSIVE PICS. So much work in not so long. However we are sure,to you all at Guavaberry it must seem an eternity. All the family history has been so interesting, especially as Iain and I have just got back from visiting the family in Perthshire. Pip and Karen’s wedding was wonderful in Gloucestershire, and gave them your message,they were so pleased.Fondly Christine and iain.


  2. Wow, your making wonderful progress. So looking forward to being there and seeing all your hard work in person. Way to Go…


  3. There was no way the day of or the day after Irma, that we would have begun to imagine this kind of progress so soon! Awesome!!!!! We know that everyone is working hard to make this happen……we are so happy for you! We love and miss you!


  4. Bob & I are so happy to see all the progress. We were just remarking yesterday about how much we miss Guavaberry and all of you! 2019….. her we come!!!!@


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