Take a Pause

Well we did it! 21 straight days of a 24 hour curfew! Oddly enough it went a lot faster than we thought it would. Everyone used their time as a bit of a staycation. Even Tina got into the groove of a siesta after lunch. 

Our lockdown started with a five day “sampler”. To see if we could really handle it perhaps? Then they let us out to shop. Wow! That was a CRAZY experience. Seven hours in the blazing sun to get into Bucks Market! The entire territory had three days to shop before the first fourteen day complete lockdown. No leaving your property, no grocery deliveries, no going out for anything… period. Ian did have to get a pass a couple of times to attend to minor maintenance issues at Guavaberry, but the rest of us put our feet up. 


Christine and Michelle decided it was a good time to start baking, and even better without being allowed to go out… they didn’t have to share! Focaccia, bread, chocolate cake, and Johnny cakes galore! 


Tina and Valerie kept busy in the office, an added bonus of living where you work! Michelle was available for remote tech assistance in between arts and crafts, baking and naps. 


The two weeks were coasting steadily along and we were counting down the days until “release day”. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch! On Saturday night, less than 48 hours before we were supposed to get out… news struck of another Covid-19 case which quickly became the first Covid patient death in the territory. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the deceased. 

As the news broke, we knew there was no way we were going to be allowed out yet. And we were right… one more week added on so the government could trace the contacts of the patient. 

Amazingly the government vowed that no person in the BVI would go hungry, and they kept their word. They delivered hundreds of food packages to residents all across the BVI. We were also very lucky that they granted permission for grocery stores to take online orders for delivery. With the help of countless volunteers from the general public and well-known volunteer organisations (VISAR, VGROC, Rotary, and UniteBVI to name a few) everyone was able to get what they needed.

Now, online orders in “the real world” are pretty straight forward. Go on the website and view available products and information and prices. Well, not all stores in the BVI have that set up (yet). It was like a game of roulette sending in your orders: which store will have the best stock, which stores aren’t being bombarded by orders, which have the better prices, and which will have the most of your shopping list actually in stock. 

Turns out what one store didn’t have in stock, another did. It took Michelle four different stores to find the last pack of yeast on the island! The other problem with relying on someone else to do your shopping is the surprise of what you will actually receive. One bag of flour? NOPE! 2 five pound bags they thought Michelle needed! (Hence the hunt for a pack or two of yeast!). The best substitution though, that we will be laughing about for years, was in Christine’s delivery. She ordered raisins for Lennon, as they’re one of his favorite snacks. Seems pretty straight forward… you would think. Much to her surprise when she unpacked her delivery … no raisins! Well, not on their own anyway. She received Raisin Bran cereal instead! I guess Lennon will get his daily fiber intake for weeks to come! 

By the end of our three weeks we were scratching at the door like Pearl scratching to get inside during a thunder storm. We are still on limitations as to which businesses are allowed to open, but we did get the boys together at Granny’s. It was the most heart warming reunion you ever saw. Connor gave granny the longest hug he could, and then turned the focus on Lennon. All morning “Lennon! Lennon come!” Connor squealed with delight. By 11:00 Lennon was exhausted! 


We are still under curfew from 1 pm to 6 am daily, so we still get to have our afternoon naps. Hotels haven’t been approved to reopen yet, and even when we do, it’s going to be a hard sell since the beaches are all closed. For now, we are just going to focus on maintenance and busy work to pass the time. We miss our April regulars who would be here at this time, and it crushes our hearts to still be cancelling reservations for the summer. But c’est la vie! We can’t control the situation. We survived Irma, so we will survive this. At least this time the heaviest lifting we will have to do is a good book. 

2 thoughts on “Take a Pause

  1. I am so jelous that you have the grandkids right there. Joel and Courtney live in Arizona – We know about the arts and crafts whic Savannah and Jackson love…. Hope to have us and them meet them. You are so special and the people of VG are so wonderfully nice. I hope you do well,


  2. Hello Michelle It’s Olga Reyes. Can I send a small box to Valerie ( surprise)to the PO Box in STT? Options? Thanks.

    Olga Sent from my iPhone



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