Another Giant Step in the Right Direction!a

This week we are thrilled to announce that we have reopened another cottage! Tulip welcomed back its first guests on Monday. It came right down to the wire, quite literally, in fact. Vincent welcomed the guests to Tulip as he was finishing up a few electrical fixes. Luckily our guests are totally understanding in this situation so they happily headed to the beach while he completed the work. The rest of the staff have been painting Tulip inside and out while other finishing touches were taking place. We must toot our own horns and say it looks great!


In other news, the replacement kitchens are en route as well. Many of the kitchen cabinets were damaged in Irma thanks to her insistence on forcing her way through the roofs. Luckily our manufacturer in Canada still had our measurements on file so he was able to remake them in a jiffy.  

Verdan is cracking on in the garden planting our all of the fabulous new coconut palms. Every time we take a drive around the property we are pleasantly surprised by new flowering plants she has added as well. Now we just need some rain to help them flourish. Now we must clarify, when we say “some rain” we do not mean torrential down pours and floods… just in case Mother Nature needs clear instructions. 


Branching off property: Hog Heaven has reopened! They completely rebuilt the restaurant, in concrete this time, and the food is still fantastic. The ribs are still dripping in their signature sauce, and naturally the view is still to die for. At the Bath and Turtle, Rose has merged some Chez Bamboo items into the menu. You can now enjoy Sushi, Asian noodles, Rib Eye Steak and more. (Top tip: lots of these items show up on the daily specials, so be sure to ask to see the board!). Mermaid’s Dockside is no longer “dockside” so they have renamed themselves Mermaids and Pirates. They have reopened in a new building where Grandma’s kitchen used to be. They are reported to have the best burger on the island… and we hear it is even handmade! Coco Maya has introduced “Karaoke on the Beach” on Sundays and has expanded their post-Irma menu. Rock Cafe, Sugar Cane and Mine Shaft still remain closed for the time being… but we’re sure they will be back. 

This weekend, being Easter, is also the annual Virgin Gorda Easter Festival. The festivities have been drastically cut back compared to recent years (no festival village this year) but to keep the tradition alive they are hosting a Gospel Fest, Food Fair and Beach Picnic Party. We will greatly miss the grand parade, BUT there will be a smaller scale Hat Parade in honor of Ralph O’Neal, who was the district representative of Virgin Gorda (and Anegada) for 40 years as well as Chief Minister/Premier of the BVI for many terms. 

So, as you can see Virgin Gorda is chugging along quite well for just being six months into the recovery process. We are all proud of how far we have come.

11 thoughts on “Another Giant Step in the Right Direction!a

  1. So exciting!! This blog has become my Friday inspiration; the progress you have all made in such a short time is, truly, amazing. Marisel and I are looking forward to being able to make our way back to VG and Guavaberry in the hopefully not-too-distant future. Much love and a blessed Easter to all.


  2. We are loving following with you all at Guavaberry and look forward to each new post and progress! Counting the days until next year and we have our Virgin Gorda time!


  3. I love reading these updates! It’s so great to see the progress being made. We are hoping to return in January or early Feb. so I am watching closely to see what you have available. Can’t wait to read the next update!
    Happy Easter to all


  4. So wonderful to hear of the grand opening! We look forward to all of the updates and posts. Can you send some pictures? Happy and Blessed Easter


  5. Bravo!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏 Easter is a time of rebirth and renewal, and we would say that not only is Guavaberry evidencing this, but all of you too. Incredibly you are where you are 6 months post Irma by your love, determination, and hard work. Sending our love and wishes for a blessed, peaceful, and Happy Easter!


  6. Love and Easter Blessings to all of you at Guavaberry and everyone on “our” Virgin Gorda. Sorry, a bit late, but just come home after having another total hip repacement. Now ready for next year in “Palm”?? If “Palm” will be ready for us?


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